Help jus sprayed watered down windex on my plants

Does anyone kno if I’m OK or not I jus sprayed water down winded on my plants the northern lights r 6days old n m blueberry’s are 3-4 days old what do I do am I ok

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Never heard that one… Why would you do that?

At that age :grimacing:Certainly Depends on the ratio it was diluted…

Maybe clear with pure water…

Let us know how it went…


It’s just a wait and see thing now. Probably less likely to do harm if it was the windex without ammonia. I’d give them a heavy misting of distilled water to rinse away what you can and not under direct light


suggest you flush babies off with a mist sprayer

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your phone must have auto corrected water into windex! My last post it transposed nutes into nites. If it was just water & the sun was up for (I take it your outside) a good while they may wind up with burn spots on the leaves cuz the water will act as a magnifyer & make brown spots. Next time dab them dry if possible.

Na it was a dumb mistake I have a blue water spray bottle for m distilled water then m girl made a teal spray bottle for windex I didn’t kno I used wrong bottle till I saw the other one … But I hit my plants with a lil bi more water to not kill them so I guess let’s c what happens … I was told it was watered down the windex so i may be OK

Yea I hate this auto correct spells words I didn’t even type… O shot I didn’t think that good thinking brother

??? Not under direct light

When you spray them down you don’t want to be under direct light ( like right under your grow lighting . The water droplets act as magnifiers and can burn the leaves

Ahhh I see that’s y u not suppose to wet ur leaves ? Thank u for u advice . so far they doing great still its bin 15hours since I sprayed them with windex luckily it was watered down big time an no ammonia in it now I see how they do throughout the night


Na brother I str8 added waterer down windex to my plants but after all morning n day they still look f-ing great I appreciate the help n thank u for advice bout browning leaves n how to daby leaves not wipe them

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If they’re less than a week old I’d trash them and start fresh. Seeds are cheap, but peace of mind is priceless.

Yea IMA play it out I cant afford more seedsim lucky I got what I got


Do u kno how to take pic I have a plant a month old n something is wrong I feel but idk what

So after a month they turned out to b some lovely ladies

a little windex did no harm

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