Help! I've started outdoor and havent a clue lol

It rained significantly last night probly enough to flush all my 3 girls. So should I wait a day or 2 for them to dry up a little before I give them nutes?? Any experienced feedback would be great I’m very new here havent posted much only on my 3 or 4th grow and have only grown indoors. Thanks so much guys I love reading all the threads, I’ll have pics to post soon

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How old are they? What is the medium? What kind of pots? Strain? When was the last time you fed them?


Many will feed light nutes after a flush, but keep in mind that soil that is already saturated will not absorb nutes very well.

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Just stay on your normal watering schedule/routine.
A nice rain wont cause any significant issues. None in fact.
If your in grow bags/pots it may have rinsed out some of the nutes you added, but rain water is good for plants and you can feed next watering. Overfeeding is far far worse than underfeeding and harms the plants much more and faster.
Relax, Dont worry, have a homebrew!

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They are 3 months old in a mix of fox farm, coco. And perlite, inside of 10 gallon grow bags. They were fed last 5-30-21, I feed with rain water from a barrel, using general hydroponics advanced nutrient system, I’m actually trying to switch to homemade nutes lol !!! After this heavy rain I ended up giving them some manure tea in a light dose yesterday 5-29-21

Sorry that was posed to say 2 months old

Trying my luck with quadlining this year, I’ve already made some crippled girls by breaking off 1 of the 4 main branches uuughh. What a learning process!!! These ladies are getting out of control!!! This pic is a couple days old, they’ve grown out a couple inches since then, not sure how to deal with how large they’re gonna be