Help! isoprplyne trying to kill weedmites

SO this is my first grow i fucked up… so i thought i had weed mites so i sprayed my plants like drenched them with iso and water. Put isoproplyne the whole bottle with water and sprayed the shit out of my plants. Realising i never had weed mites. I just had nutient burn on the leaves… can i still smoke my weed that i harvested and has been curing if i drenched my weed plant with iso and water likr 3 weeks ago?? Will iso
Proplyne used as a weed mite killer, kill you if you spray it on your plant and then smoke ur canabis?? Like i drenches my plant then i harvested it like a month ago. Im just saying will i die if i drench my plant with iso and month later smoke my buds lol?

Does Isoprolyne Lace weed? Can it be harmful to smoke if sprayed on plant??

I would thing that most, if not all of the alcohol would have evaporated by then.
i don’t think it would kill you but you could do a bud wash just in case after you harvest.
You gotta be very careful about spraying anything on the buds when you’re in flower. Sometimes you can cause more damage than good.

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The alcohol would of evaporated buy now and i dont think its harmful cause alot of people use isopropyl alcohol to make oil i use it to make oil and i smoke the oil on top of my cones

Alcohol is used to extract cannabis oil because the good stuff is alcohol soluble. You washed it all off, big big mistake. You sorta did a QWET extraction. Needed to save the alcohol though, it’s where all the THC went.

Not sure if it will kill you but the weed is gonna be garbage, my spent bud goes in the compost.

Damnn i see, so its basically useless… cause i do remeber drenching it with alot of iso. And it also got to 94 degrees in my grow room so it probably dried off but all that thc must of fell off, even though it looks a little crystally its probaly useless right??

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Its also very brittle weed due to 90 degrrees in my basemnet were bitcoin mining so the miners heat in the house to 95 degrees lol i heard its too hot to grow in 90 degrees, but thank u all for helping

Probably not all of it was lost. One thing to do would be to try for a second extraction, look up how to do a QWET or green dragon extraction. Depending on whether you plan to eat or smoke the results you may need to decarb the weed first also (for edibles). Also I prefer to use everclear.

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90 isn’t too hot unless constant. With the mining op going on it probably was pretty close to it. But the alcohol spray was the mistake. Alcohol is better to clean with, not kill in ref to your live plants. 50/50 peroxide and water helps with pests and doesn’t damage trichomes. There also looks to have been some hermaphroditic issues going on with your harvest in the last pic. The pile on the tray has a nanner in the top left portion.