Help. Is this white mould?

I’ve tried everything under the sun to contain wpm.
Milk smells and leaves white powder that looks like wpm, so it’s tough to see if it really works
H2o2 can burn leaves and the wpm reappears
Green cure and potassium bicarbonate do the same.
Dr zymes,nothing
Serenade, stinks and doesn’t do much
Various microbial products slow it a bit, but you still see it reappear within a few days.

This works. It’ll be the best money you’ve spent on fungicide. I have no affiliation. Just want to save you aggravation and crop loss.

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Hi again. Need some more guidance please.

  1. We sprayed with the 1:1 mixture twice (with a week between) since we last spoke as I didn’t do it thoroughly the first time. Still haven’t fully eradicated the mould so unsure if I should spot treat just the spots still showing with a stronger mix or whole bunch again.

  2. I didn’t think to cover the open promix soil underneath until the second time. Am now showing a weird rusty brown colour in places and quite a bit of yellowing on small bottom leaves although unsure if that is due to them not getting enough sun.

I added some blood meal to my miracle gro bloom mixture the last feeding yesterday and only gave them 2 gal water ( I have been letting tap water sit for 24 hrs) as we have had frost here twice so far. (I covered both times).

Not sure how far we are from harvest but weather supposed to be good for next week or so frost wise anyway.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks for your time.

I would spot treat as necessary, the yellowing sounds reasonable on the bottom. You get some leaf die off in the shade.
When Pistils turn 95% brown you’re in good shape.

Couple more pics. Tried to get a bit closer. So I don’t need to worry about these?

Difficult to see, but if you see anything suspicious, I would cut it out.

Ok. I will see if my daughter can get better pics for me tomorrow. Just worried about the black and rusty parts on the leaves especially on the tips and edges of leaves near the buds. Sorry to bother you again.

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Finally a cpl pics, having some trouble uploading so doing a couple at a time.
Don’t know if I need to worry about this discolouration on leaves near buds?

Hope today’s pics show better.

Not sure how far we are from harvest but will be getting light frost here again prob next weekend.

Thanks for your time. It’s much appreciated.

All pistils have receded, and you could chop just about any time now. If you have a jewelers loupe or microscope to check trichomes I would recommend it, but not necessary.

I’m confused. I thought we now wait for them to ‘bulk’ up?

We are looking for more body high for anxiety so if that makes a difference to trichomes?

I haven’t even flushed them yet.

I can cover again if we get frost.

What will happen if we leave for couple weeks??

Sorry again for all the questions Been trying to read a lot on here and may have myself a bit mixed up with all the info.

Typically they’ve went through the bulking phase after all pistils have receded. You can let them go a bit longer won’t hurt and you’ll get more amber trichomes in there.

Ok. That’s great then.

We are doing this because it is SO expensive to buy But we still need to accomplish the anxiety relief aspect.

I may still be asking some more questions for the next phase so I hope you don’t mind hanging in there with us.

@Covertgrower. You have been so supportive. It is easy to see why your listed as a Mentor. You are a big help to so many in here.

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No worries, happy to help anytime. I was a new grower once too.


Hi. Me again. Was wondering what was causing the discolouration in the first two pics from yest so I can try to avoid next time. (May have to zoom in to see better). Thanks.

I have the same thing going on. Sprayed plant with hydrogen peroxide mixture then leaves started turning brown.

Looks like you may have a pest issue, along with a bit of nutrient burn.

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I might have miss your pictures somewhere?


No prob. Resending first batch from yest. Had some issues uploading so did more than one batch.

I see the browning now, could be from the peroxide, could be from cooler temps (if you have those) or any combination of both. You’re close to chopping, I wouldn’t worry too much.

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Hi @Covertgrower.
Me again. Found this on bottom of couple leaves which I removed. Not sure what it is or what need to do if anything. Same leaf just trying to get clear for you. Some small black flies hanging around leaves.

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