Help: Is this root lock

I have a 4x4x80 vivosun grow tent with 2 HLG 260XL’s for lighting, in FoxFarm Happy Frog soil. I’ve been testing my water with a ph kit(Apera PC60 ph tester). I wrote before so I flushed them for two weeks with plain 6.5ph tap water(have to use ph down to get tap water to acceptable level). I have some kind of migrating issue. I’ve added cal/mag because I thought it was calcium deficiency. Then I added some bone meal. And now I’m back to giving them fox farm notes. They are about 2-3 feet tall and very bushy. It’s the color that is bothering me as I’m ready to switch to flower. Other possible issues I have is maybe the temp of basement is too cold, but when I check hygrometer it shows the lowest temp as 61 degrees, or I have root block? My plants are in 10 gallon and one is in a 7gallon pot. I’m all confused…

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How long have they been back on nutes?

About a week. So got there second feeding.

Why did you flush them for two weeks, what were you trying to accomplish?

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Those look hungry, you need a digital PH pen. Dollars to doughnuts, you are experiencing nute lockout due to improper PH.


Looks a bit overwatered and flushed of nutrients, I would trim it up of all the already cannibalized leaves and feed it making sure to ph between 6 and 7 then allow it to dry out a little before another round of food

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I was trying to get the ph of the runoff so I stopped nutes for a week or two to flush it out. Ph came out fine.

Thanks for the advice. I did buy a ph pen(Apera pc60) and it works great. Is there anyway to reverse nute lockout?

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Yes you balance your ph and replenish the soil with a low dose of nutes ph’d to between 6 n 7 i like 6.3 in veg and 6.7 in flower

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Generally a good feeding with properly ph’d nutes to good run off will keep the root zone in check. Bout 15-20 % of what you put in.
It’s helps with not causing a deficiency like you’re seeing now.
I prefer to flush with a milder feed when things go astray. It will provide a better balance as they go forward.
Some and I forget which nutes are very easily washed away with just water only.

I see @MeEasy put up a nice chart too. :wink::+1:


Yeah I had a picture and @Oldguy said it better so listen to him and look at me hahaha


@Toey56 @MeEasy I would not remove the bad leaves until the problem is solved. If you leave them they will continue to cannibalize them, if you remove them and the problem is still there the plant will just start in on the next set of leaves.

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A dead leaf won’t tell you anything it will continue to degrade until it falls off. They don’t regenerate


kind of a stupid question, but how do you measure runoff and how much should you get. I have a 10gallon pot and usually feed the plant almost a gallon of water at a time. Thanks

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Water until runoff. Wait for a few seconds after water starts draining before you collect your sample. Use a shot glass or other small container, you don’t need much. After collection, you can test the PH and TDS.

While this is true it prevents it from quickly moving on to another set. I leave em until they fall off on thier own.

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I hope you learned a lesson on this grow.

Don’t go chasing numbers if your plants are growing well.

You flushed to raise pH but flushed all the nutrients out of the soil. Others flush all the nutrients out of their soil because they think ppms are too high. It always turns out far worse then leaving them alone. Adjust the inputs to adjust pH, don’t flush them.