Help, is this plant still female?

This plant was weird from the start. She took a long time to go into veg and sprung straight up outa nowhere. I didn’t train her much because she was so tall and stickly. Well, everyone else is flipped, but she’s not going amber.

Before I start a next cycle with her chillin in there, I wanna be sure she’s not a hermie. What’s up with this gal? Is she still a she? Why they/them do that?

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Looks all female. Do you have any full plant shots? Those buds look like they’re starving for light


If you’re referring to these…

Look closely, they all have hairs coming out of them = female.

If you see one without hair, you can squeeze it gently or just open it and see if there is a seed in it.


Those are swolen calyx…guys don’t have hairs

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Ty! I didn’t know the term, “calyx.” This gal is likely gonna take another 2 weeks, the full 14. It’ll be the same time length from flower to harvest as everyone else was though.

I feel a lot more confident about letting her Pisa in the 5x5 with 6 babies after looking up “swollen calyx.” It helps a lot. I’ll nip and squish one of em too.

Btw I DO need a better light. Mars ticked me off, so I went with Spider Farmer, which was cheaper, and honestly it’s just not as good. Ima daisy chain a 2nd TSL 2000 soon as I get my money right from the holidays.

Here you go… I’ve always called them calyx but this says bract and the calyx is technical inside the bract. Everyone refers to them as calyx, so calyx it is LOL


Definitely girlie parts.

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