Help is this normal

Hello guys , I’m new here and a new grower , I am in week 7 day 2 of flower just flushed yesterday , going into what I thibk may be the final 2 weeks of my grow. Just wondering if you might could help tell me whats happening. I am using the fox farm dirty dozen and ffof soil 5 gal smart pot 1000w bestva in a 2x3x4 tent keep ph at around 6 give or take a little the buds are dense not much smell until you squeeze then you can tell they are dense and sticky and definatley smell. I use cal mag my rh and temp fluctuate between 78f with 50 % rh during lights on and 72f at 58rh when livhts off I am using 2 dehues. ! I also am running 3 fans and a affinity exhaust with a affinity intake 1006201212b|250x500

Looks like some calcium deficiency, and a bit of nutrient burn. Welcome!

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Ok I thaught maybe a little nute burn but maybe too much clacium because I noticed yesterday that the tiger bloom I think has calcium and mag and iron but I also use calmag everytime and when feeding but I havent learbed how to get my ec or ppm right yet it was high yesterday.

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So should I just not feed anymore and just give ph water from now on. And thank you for the welcome.

I would continue feeding, just watch your nitrogen intake.


Oh and its a bag seed. ok thank you . I have been following the scheduale pretty well all I used yesterday after flushing with sledge hammer was the big bloom , tiger bloom , bembe and cha ching like it said. Thats why it was throwing me off I guess. With her being in a 5 gal smart pot I only water and feed every three days or 4 I use a half gallon everytime ph and cal mag. I feed then water then water then feed.

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