Help! Is this heat stress or mildew?

Two of my clones are starting to get weird colorations they’re two weeks old they experienced some heat stress earlier in their life but nothing like this. I try to keep my temp lower than 85 but I’m not always successful as I’m growing greenhouse in Sacramento. Anybody have any idea what’s going on?

Looks like water lensed on the leaves, or a combination of heat stress.

Having similar issues with my AK47 autos. First time grower as well. I was thinking mine was nute burn, as oposed to heat stress, seeing as it’s an indoor tent in my basement, and temps never reach higher than 78°-79°, in the tent. Hopefully we can get it figured out. Good luck, my friend. :v:

Also, what is “water lensed”? As I said, new to this game and haven’t heard that term, yet. :blush:

Awesome bro i’m new to growing to! This community has already helped me a week ago haha they’re very welcoming, and also whenever water gets on your leaves and the light burns the area that the water was previously its called water lensing I don’t know how exactly it works but its something like that and dang man! Our problem is almost identical! Hopefully we get through it i’m gonna spray them with neem oil after I turn my supplemental light in my greenhouse off and see if it does anything i’m just praying it will although temperatures on occasion can reach above 90 degrees in my greenhouse on 100 degree days so it could be heat stress but it also could be the buildup of some kind of fungus i’ve researched that neem oil is natural and doesn’t harm your plant while getting rid of all of the pests and fungus on it.

You say they are two weeks old. Is that from when the were cut, put in dirt, started showing roots. They look young all my clones dk that with the leaves as the plant develops a root system. It is the plant taking from the leaf what it needs to survive.

Ah, that make sense about the “water lensing”, burning the leaves. I’ve also started treating the ladies with neem oil, as well. Hopefully, we will start to see some changes for the better. Keep on keepin on, brother. Good luck!:blush:

Not caused by mold or pests. Or nut burn. Spraying with neeman oil wont help

Any ideas what could be causing issues? I’ve seen quite a few pictures of different nute burn and deficiencies and they look strikingly similar. I’d really like to get it figured out, so I can rectify the problem as soon as possible. Thanks for the responses y’all, I really do appreciate it.

I put them in the dirt two weeks ago they’re clones so I got them from the dispo I’m growing them in happy frog and using the fox farms feeding schedule but really that’s just a side effect of the plant taking up its roots?

Haha yeah same here bro just try to avoid applying neem oil when the suns out so they don’t water lease and for real I really appreciate all the support guys !

If you put them in dirt and not the dispo and they are only 2 weeks from cutting they are still working on growing roots and will get most of its growth energy from what is stored in the leaf, as the plant depletes the what the leaf has stored it will usually die off. once the plant develops a good root system it should stop and you will see new growth. If it continues on new growth then we will have to check a few other things but for now I would cut off the bad part of the leaf (not the entire leaf just bad part) until the leaf is totally dead then remove. All my clones do that for about 2 weeks then it stops and they take off like crazy. Just try to keep the leaf’s dry to avoid any more Water Lensing. @Covertgrower I like that, had me laughing trying to go from past to present tense. LOL.
Hope this helps @Seiers313


@Zerokool1 I agree with @Covertgrower your’s is most likely water in the leaf’s during sunlight and they got a sunburn. I would do same as @Seiers313 and just remove bad part of leaf and wait to se if it appears on new growth. I the mean time monitor ph levels and runoff to avoid nute lockout.


Will do! Thanks a lot guys! Being a new grower, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it. :metal::v:

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Thank you I really appreciate it! I’ll start cutting off those parts that makes a lot of sense.