Help, is this bud rot?

We’ve had some cool, wet weather the past couple weeks, including a couple days of heavy downpours. After my outdoor plants dried off from the latest rain and the white trichomes became visible again, I noticed that a couple sections of bud look brownish… the rest look green with white trichome speckles all over. Does this look like bud rot, or something else?

If it is bud rot, should I just cut this one cola off? It’s the top one one of my plants. All three plants are very close together, but this is the only section of any of them where I see brownish spots like this.

Here are the pics:

Yes that def looks like a start but I’m no expert bUT we can tag some outdoor guys
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Got me this year. Mix spray bottle 50/50 3% peroxide and spray her down. If you can, just nip out the bad spot and spray with mix. You might have caught it early enough. I had to harvest 2 plants 2 weeks early due to rot.

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Hi N00BIE,

Thanks for the suggestion. Do you mean that I should cut that section of bud off and spray it down, or remove it and then spray the rest of the plant down? And is it better to leave the rest of the plant growing for a while, or should I just harvest the whole thing immediately? I’m new to growing too, so I’m having a hard time figuring out whether my trichomes are clear or cloudy (it’s tough to view them through a 60x-120x microscope, on the plant, with a shaky hand. :wink:)

@BP, if it’s small spot here and there, I would only cut out bad part then spray.

Def it is bud rot. Ruined three auto’s I had outside this summer.
On one of mine I cut it all off, harvested, washed the buds and made bubble hash from it.

The other two went into trash bags and to the curb for the trash man.

It can spread very rapidly given ideal circumstances so leaving any can be a crap shoot. I would cut off what you can going at least 2" below the rot and snipping. Be advised it can spread through the cutting device so it’s just a sucky disease to get.

There are sprays and things you can do but I am no expert in that, I just cut bait and harvested what I could when the rot started. I still have a plant outside that needs 3-4 weeks. There is a frost advisory tonight, I suspect before mid october I will find rot on this plant too. Bites.