Help is needed for my girls! PLEASE.....unknown strain, 2 bagseeds

My girls are into the 3rd night of week 7 flower, when saying goodnight iv noticed 2 fan leaves are not right (pics will follow) the bigger leaf has crusted edges and patches going on and the smaller leaf also has patches and the tips curling down…what are my ladies trying to tell me??
They want feeding? They want to be basking for awhile and left alone? This is normal as im approaching end of flower?? I am abit eager being their my 1st :slight_smile:
Any advice greatly recieved!!


did you happen to spill some fert on her?

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You are approaching harvest in about a month. The buds will start sucking everything they can out of the plant and leaves will start dying and curling towards the end. The next weeks I would just give ph’d water.



@bruinsfan33 has you covered. Great post Sir ! thumb


Thank you that helps me understand alot :slight_smile:

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