HELP - Is my seedling dead?

Hey guys, I have transfered 2 seeds to Black Magic soil and put plastic domes on them last Thursday March 26th:

  • 1 Gold Leaf Feminized
  • 1 Amnesia Haze Autoflower

Am I overwatering the Gold Leaf?
Yesterday it looked ok (I don’t have pics though), but today after I dropped the Humidity to ~60% last night, it is looking like this, the whole seedling curling down, not only the leaves.


The Amnesia Haze looks ok, right? :crossed_fingers:

Appreciate any help on both!

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BTW, they are on a light schedule of 10 hours on, 14 hours off.
Does that sound right?

The main thing I’m seeing is your soil looks way to wet. You want seedlings to establish a root system by searching for water. Your seedlings at this point will get most of its moisture from the humidity in the environment. Most growers will put a clear solo cup over seedlings and mist inside of cup a couple times a day. Once you start seeing growth you can remove dome and start lightly watering around plant in a circle. At that point the established roots will start searching for moisture. Also you want your temps in the high 70’s or low 80s f . Humidity as high 70% or more.


Looks extremely way to wet, to the drowning point and lights should be on either 24 straight or 18 on / 6 off, from what I have learned


Hmmm thanks for the tips guys @Bulldognuts and @Okie70. I hope I still can save them.
I will slow down on the water, and do you guys think 24hrs light is better? Or 18/6 cycle?

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You can go 24. I do 18 on 6 off and had good results. Remember don’t water for a while. Seriously until root systems can get established they don’t need much water.


Do you have holes in the bottom of those cups? U need some if not, let that water out. A fan gently moving some air will help dry that soil a bit quicker. I also run 18/6 schedule in veg. As @Bulldognuts said, no more water and then when dry, try to water at the edges forcing the roots to grow and search out


Thank you guys @Bulldognuts @Okie70 … I have a couple of holes on the cups, but I will do some more just in case.
I have turned the lights back on and will leave the dome off and fans on for a couple of hours so the humidity goes a bit down, and when I see the soil is dry I will add the dome back with water sprayed inside it. Hope it will work :crossed_fingers:

They just come out of the ground like that to break thru the soil.

old book but still relevant :+1:
Lights on for no less then 18 hours a day, I’d melt or drill 50x 5mm holes in each cup spiralling down the sides then dome it straight away. I’d only mist if there was zero fog/mist/condensation on your dome. ( they look super wet so you may not need to mist again, dome will be off in a few days/week anyway. #HappyGrowing


That’s great ! Thanks a lot for the help!

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