HELP! Is my girl sick?

Hi! Nearly 2 weeks ago I switched to flowering and one of my girls is looking sick - see the first 2 pics. I know a flowering plant will ‘cannibalise’ its leaves but this doesn’t look right. By comparison, the 3rd pic is the same strain under the same conditions (albeit it’s a much smaller plant) looking much happier. Any guesses?

If I had to venture a guess I would start with questions about the environment.
Temperature, Humidity, Fans, spilled liquids on leaves, ???
It just doesn’t look like a typical feeding problem, though I cant rule it out.

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I’m gonna go with @Spiney_norman on environment. Possibly heat. The damage in the first and third pic doesn’t look as progressive. The second pic looks like it is getting the grunt of whatever is going on, but also appears to be more lit. Is it closer to, or more directly under your light?

Faaaaaaaaaaarkkk!!! I think I figured it out. I reckon some time after I switched to flowering I must have accidentally turned the timer off altogether so it went to 24 hour light! 2 of the smaller plants had started budding and it was really confusing me as to why the big one wasn’t, and in fact the leaves were battling. I hope I haven’t done any irreparable damage… :exploding_head:

Do you reckon I should reveg them on purpose to regrow some leaves to make up for the damage? Or just continue on with flowering?

Thank you for the wisdom!!!

Could you put up some current pics?

It’s been 2 nights since I switched the timer back on (now on a 12/12) and the big girl looks better than she has for days. Many of the leaves look healthy again, and she’s started budding. Although there are still plenty of sick leaves (although even they look better than before).

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This is her little sister (in the same setup) for comparison.

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I reckon I just leave them on the flower cycle and carefully nurse her back to health with a little bit of nitrogen and potash along the way. She doesn’t need any more stressors! What do you think?

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I have had a lot of light mishaps myself.

All turned out AOK in the end after I corrected the problem.

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Looks like you’ve got it sorted out just fine :metal: