Help! Is it time to harvest


I hope this is the appropriate way to tag you NavyVet420!?!?

Sprouted 73 days ago. This has been fun but frustrating! I feel like she didn’t get full? I hope we didn’t wait way too long before harvesting? We have two more that have no amber on them at all. Do we harvest this one now? Thanks for all and anyone’s assistance.


No, she’s not ready. Probably another 3+ weeks. You’re wanting those white pistils to darken and receed. She may need support for that main cola once it fattens up.


I second that motion, right on @Bobbydigital


The “full” feeling you are waiting for will happen in her last two weeks. Looking at the tricomes is how to tell when your plants are ready to be harvested.

Once all the tricomes are 100% milky and not clear, you can harvest the plant. Once the tricomes become Amber is when they start to really ripen. Some people like to harvest when all tricomes are milky with no ambers, this is a more energetic high. People usually harvest between 0-40% amber; the more Amber, the more “couch lock” the high is.

I’m about a 25% Amber guy myself because I love a happy medium. Works well for anxiety and pain with some ambers as well. Remember the tricomes are still ripening during the drying and curing steps.

Lastly, don’t get too excited when she gets real big because she is going to shrink to at least half the size they are at the time of harvest once dried out haha.

And I’m totally kidding, get excited bro! You are almost to the end! A few more weeks and all that hard work and worrying will have paid off. Nice work!

Oh and buy a jeweler’s loop with a minimum of 30X magnification so you can tricome watch over the last few weeks. Good luck in all your future grows!


Yup, everyone has you covered. She will probably double her cola size.


Thank you all for your thorough and awesome responses!!


@Vexer hit it spot on check trichs not pistils. Different lights will change how pistils react (cheap blurple Led vs high end led vs HPS). I’m harvesting now and still have pistils that most would say it’s not ready. But I’m a 10-15% amber guy so when the trichs tell me it’s ready I listen

Also make sure to check in multiple places and look on the bud itself. The leaves will turn amber before the bud trichs do. Cheers and congrats!!:+1::sunglasses:


Do you stop with the nutrients when it gets close? Also, do you flush the plant a week before harvesting? This is an Auto White Widow.

my rooms do something different and it’s the way I prefer and it seems to happen with every plant. 75% milky, 20% clear, 5% amber. I don’t want to drool and sleep. I want to go play frisbee golf or watch a movie.

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I agree with @ThatoneAKguy I don’t enjoy the couch lock put you to sleep effect. I let first few go too long because that’s generally all you hear especially for new growers.

It’s tough I wouldn’t say just stop altogether but you want to plan where the last few weeks your plants cannibalize and use all the stored nutes they have in leaves. Especially when using bottled nutes. I’ve switched over to coco and dry amendments and usually stop feeding around week 5. That’s also when I start bringing my temps down slowly. I usually do a week or two. You can also flush multiple times if need to get tds to a more desirable level. Some flush before switch to flower to clear out the nitrogen as much as possible.
Being an auto you just want to limit stress so flushing at the switch would probably not be ideal.

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@Kbob stop nutes and start flushing 2 weeks prior to harvest. Use only PH’ed water.

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@Kbob listen to what @NavyVet420 said. Also for me(and this is just me) I start flushing them around 2 weeks prior to harvest and everytime after that flush they need watering I flush them again (I use homemade soil, I water about every 4 days ) just to make sure i get all of the mineral salts out. This also puts the plant under stress (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing) the ant will realize it is running low on food and will begin to prepare itself for the end of the season. Just different stress. Just got to prepare those babies to make sure they’re aware life is about over.

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How do you anticipate when you’re 2 weeks out? And, does the flushing make the plant fill out more? This WW auto is tall but quite thin. I just purchased a 30x glass to see those Trichomes better but I’m a newby and not sure I’ll know what I’m looking at. Thanks!

Hello @NavyVet420 and @ARGrower. I have more questions if you have the time!

White Widow auto
Sprouted on April 15, 87 days ago
PH: 6.8
No run off-watering every 3rd day
HydroplanetTM Grow Light Fixture HPS 150W - on 14 hours, off 10 hours
Approx. 2x3 grow tent
Temperature 70-75 degrees F
Humidity 40-45%
Miracle grow dirt
3 gallon pots
“Nectar for the gods” nutrients

I just don’t know if they are close to ready. They have not really filled out much. The plants have not grown much the last week or two. Everything I read makes it sound like they should almost be ready. We purchased a 30x loupe but I just don’t know what I’m seeing for sure. I have some pics that will hopefully allow you to give me some suggestions. They are not great but tries to use the loupe to magnify for better clarity. Thank you again!

87 days, you still got10-15 days.

I have one sprouted 3/25 not ready yet.
To me, this us still mainly clear tric heads

I am giving her til Sunday, she should be 100% cloudy with some amber. Remember, trics continue to mature as plant dries.

If you can post a single picture as close up and clear as possible, I can zoom in and help.

Your PH is too high and with Miracle grow, you might be feeding too many nutes. I have a feeling since you are not watering to run off, the soil is overloaded with nutes.

I would water with water PH’ed to 6.3 only from here til harvest. Since you used nutes, it is recommended you start flush 2 weeks prior to harvest but with using MG, flushing will only release more fertilizer.

@NavyVet420 here are some more pictures. I hope this will help you see better.

I would say not ready yet.

2 weeks out almost , and never check the trichimes on the sugar leaves always check the buds themselves. The trichomes on the sugar leaves will mature way faster than the ones on the actual buds and can cause you to harvest prematurely and you will lose potency in the end ! She looks great though ,just give her about 2 more weeks !