Help! intake and exhaust problem

I think you are running a similar setup to mine. Im not sure if you have intake and exhaust fans, but if you do, my predicament is this:
My kit came with (2) 6" Fans (Exhaust and Intake)
My light is enclosed, with two ports, one one each end
The pic I have posted shows the setup as it currently sits ( carbon filter to duct to light to duct to ceiling to exhaust fan). I currently dont have my intake set up as the kit came with no directions. The videos I have seen are vague for whatever reason. Guess Im super noob!
What is the best way to run the setup to include exhaust, intake, light, and carbon filter with just the two pieces of duct they gave me???

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@Countryboyjvd1971 is in the HVAC trades. This one is right up his alley. But I will tell you that your passive tent vents will probably be sufficient @VelcroThumb

How about a couple of pics to be sure we’re on the same page!

thanks! @bob31 Here is a pic to show what i was talking about. The exhaust fan is on top of the tent. I just wasnt sure how the setup was supposed to work with only two pieces of ductwork, 2 fans, the aircooled light, and the carbon filter! I know the intake should go on the outside of the tent, closer to the floor to pull in cooler fresher air, but wasnt sure of configuration!


That setup looks good to my untrained eyes! Lol

Do you have a vent at the bottom open? I can only see the one and it looks closed.


@bob31 lol yea i like the way it looks too! But my intake has not ductwork to hook up too. I just have the configuration wrong and everyone does it different!:joy:

The reason there are two attachments in the light is so the filter can be attached on one side and the fan on the other.

I imagine they expected you to cut the ductwork in half or whatever so you have enough.

You probably are not going to need an intake fan. I don’t know anyone off hand that uses one.

In Texas with unbearable heat and humidity. I have to have an intake fan running air in the bottom porthole of my tent blowing fresh air into the bottom. What we did was buy some ducting and used a commercial size tomato can cutting off each end and placed can around it with ducting.
Long story short: fan located outside tent with ducting into tent. If temps are high in your area this does help.



Yeah I am running LEDs so I don’t need to run it through the light. But I am running carbon filter → ducting → fan → ducting → exhaust out the top of tent.

And for intake I am running fan–> ducting into the bottom corner of tent.

You’ll want to create a slight negative pressure in the tent which will make sure the air is being pulled through the filter once flowering starts. So you may need to play around with intake/ passive vents to get it right.

I might also suggest using a speed controller on the fans in order to fine tune that negative pressure.

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I don’t think having a lot of negative pressure is bad or dangerous, it’s just using more electricity than you need. $$$



I would agree. Also with too much negative pressure it can put a strain on your tent- if you can fine tune it to have a slight negative pressure I still think it’s best- but like you said, not a big deal if you have too much.

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@Ray4x thanks for the heads up! The fans do have switches on them, Im just confused as to the configuration with the pieces they gave me

@HappyCamper @Ray4x @bob31 @Laurap
I figured out my solution! Im in NC and although it is cooling down some, humidity is still high! I had some extra unused 4" ducting. I bought a 6" to 4" reducer and voila!!!


Fantastic, happy to hear!

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