Help in buying stuff to start with a 4x4x80 grow tent

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

“I’m in Blue Springs, Missouri. I’m not set up to grow. Is there an inexpensive method which can produce the same results? I would be starting small two maybe four plants. I would like to start with a 4x4x80 grow tent. From there I don’t have any idea what I need and it still be an affordable price range. What I mean by affordable is that it is difficult to come up with a couple hundred bucks. My wife is diabetic and is depressed a lot from the Neuropathy that’s cause a lot of nerve damage and is in constant pain. We have only the one income that does not allow us much after bills. She has applied for disability put that’s a slow train coming. She is my main motivation for this project. Please help me to find a solution. It will be greatly appreciated.”

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Hi are u able to find out if they are restricted in height? And would they want to filter the smell? And im not sure about prices of tents there but they might be able to save money by building a box with some mdf or ply and using a basic inline fan and some ducting could start veging with a cfl lamp while saving for a 600w led.if they built 1 out of timber they could build it 2m tall put a shelf/2nd floor at 1m giving them 2 areas of 4x4x3 and a 2 light rotation vegging with cfl and flowering with led hope this helps. If i was closer id give them a donation of nugs for his wifes pain to get them through to the 1st harvest

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Urgh. I can show you how to pretty easily buy reasonably priced high grade medical, buds oils shatter ect if you have a kid or grandkids who’s kind of tech savvy he or she will be able to do it simple as fudge. Growing great but stuff gets messed up and this is a good back up/until harvest.

@McLovin777 fill me in on how. Need a filler till the first grow is complete. Back issues.

CI would invest in an iPower 600 hid. They are under $150 and cover veg and flower cycle. I recommend the batwing reflector personally. All you need after that is dirt, nutes and pots. That will get you a nice repeatable room. Get good seeds and we will teach you cloning.

The rest of the things like fans and dehumidifier can be added later piecemeal. But I’m in a dry climate so others may think they are more important cuz they know more about humid environment.

I know what you are going thru. I am on full, permanent SSDI. Hell of a gauntlet to run. My nerve pain got so bad they took my leg.

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