Help in 2nd week of flower and need to prune


Week 2 of flower and I need and I know I need to prune I just have a hard time doing it I have a couple of pictures here wrong pointing at some stems that are skinny and small but have somehow made their way up to the top canopy a little bit but my space is only 5 ft tall and they only been in flour or 12 12 should I say for about 2 weeks now and I’m afraid that my canopy is going to outgrow my tent

should I cut were I’m pointing?


Yes you can, a bit of selective pruning will open up the canopy ,allow more air circulation down under the canopy and send a lot of energy to the remaining bigger colas. Go for it.


Don’t be afraid to do some trimming if needed. I cut most of the lower branches off as you can see. That pile is from the plant on the right.

I also cut close.


How long you been growing and why do you cut close is it better or preference?


@Bloombeast hay you can guestamate the size of them when you flip to 12/12 they will double in size min but that happens mostly in weeks 1-3 of flower


Do they good they look a little skinny to me


With 540 actual watts I’d think they would be beast


Is this a male ? It’s been on 12.12 going on 3 weeks now.


Or is it a hermie? Was hoping those little balls are swollen caylexes


It’s a boy sry


Cut him down and try another