Help! I'm a newb and I can't tell if my Trichomes are ready lol

Hey my fellow growers I’m 6 weeks into flowering and I can’t tell if I’m ready by the trichomes they kind of look clear but I’m not 100 positive. Thanks so much for looking and disregard my small plant, my fan fell on it :tired_face: image|281x500


You need a trichome scope to tell for sure. But it looks still sorta clear to me like it’s getting milky though.

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First welcome to the community ! when looking at the Crystal try to focus on looking at the bud itself. In the picture I’m seeing maybe 3/4 cloudy an 1/4 clear. I think you still got a little bit of time to go. Hope that helps good luck.


I still see a lot of clear. Still has some time to go.


Thanks fellas! Should I still be feeding?

At 6 weeks, yes, still feed. For future ref, almost no pot plants mature in 6 weeks. 8-12 is pretty typical.


Agree with the others. Still quite a bit of clear even on the sugar leaves.

Thanks y’all, I’m so appreciative