Help if possible please! My girl is not happy! (edited for clarity)

Hi all, new to the forum, and first time grower, so any help would be undeserved, but enormously appreciated as I see a great deal of useful experience in here. I’m on day 52 from sprout, and my girl Gilda is displaying some extremely concerning signs. I can’t figure out if I’m experiencing a micro deficiency or macro excess or total lockout from wacky pH mismanagement, or a fun, interrelated combination of all the above… On her newer growth, in the last 7 days, she’s developed some nasty interveinal chlorosis and some yucky rust spots… I’ve attached some photos for you. Let me know if any additional info or better/more photos are needed.

Thanks so much in advance!

Strain: MSNL Critical Thunder Auto - from seed (Jiffy Mix/Jiffy pot germ -
trans to final media @ 10 days from sprout)

Method: FF Happy Frog - unamended (have added some FF Acid Loving Plants dry OMRI ferts as tea and topdressing @ 4 wks age - also Mikrobs, Roots Elementals Calmag, fulvic/humic acid and some Nature’s Nectar Nitrogen)

Vessels: 7 Gal Bloem Bags (100% recycled plastic bag)

Soil Slurry pH of 6.3 (5/1 distilled water/soil) - water pH has been terribly managed and wildly variable until now - currenty watering @ 6.3 - last runoff (w/ addition of mikrobs + fulvic/humic acid in 1 gal @ 5.8) was 7.0 @ 650 PPM

62x32x80 Mylar Tent (non climate-controlled basement - ambient 68-78F / 40-60% RH)

2x Sonlipo 2000 Full Spectrum LEDs (220 watt actual draw) - V -100% / B -100% @ 18" from canopy - Cycle = 24/0
( )

Temps: Ambient - Day ~75-80F - Night ~72-78F // AC Infinity thermostat set @ 82 - speed 50% - tent temp usually stable to within +/- 1.5F

Humidity: Inkbird humidistat set @ 52-55% - connected to 1.2 gal ultrasonic humidifier

Ventilation system: 4" AC Infinity Digital PWM Fan - humidistat off - temp set to 82F - 4" flexi duct w/ (1) 180 degree u-shaped bend – 4" carbon filtered vent at bottom - 8" carbon filtered vent at bottom

Climate Control - No AC in tent or basement (yet) - small 1/2 pt dehumidifer in tent (never used) - 1.2 gal ultrasonic humidifier connected to Inkbird humidistat @ 52-55% RH

Co2: No

Welcome to the forum, great people around to help you.

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Mag issue possibly? You can try spraying the leaves with an epsom salt mix as well as adding it to your next watering for the roots. Damage won’t recover but you can steady the course.

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Thanks! I’m hoping so!

I have tried some of the Roots Elementals Cal-Mag, but to no avail. I also have some of the Nature’s Nectar liquid soluble Cal-Mag coming today.I’m wondering if the issue is related to my pH having been above 7.0 on my runoff, as I was watering at 8.4 until recently. I flushed last night with ~20 gallons of pH 6.2 water and got the runoff back down to 6.6. Hoping that helps too!

Is it not too late for foliar spraying, given that she’s already well into flowering?


Definitely getting and keeping your ph at or about 6.5 (to include runoff) will help!

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Your not drenching her with the spray concentrate just misting. Do it when the lights are off so it has time to dry. You can always gently remove the damaged leaves.

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I’m on a 24/0 cycle right now, as she’s an auto. Should I switch to 20/4 to accommodate a foliar spraying schedule? Also, is it general accepted as OK to defoliate an auto? I’m worried because most of the damage is to very new growth at the tops, and I don’t want to do too much damage to my yield if I can avoid it.

Thanks for the help!

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I have autos too and in flower I go 12/12 or 11/13 I personally never do 24/0. I just feel a few hours of sleep is good for anything. That’s just me. I’m sure plenty of ppl have great success with 24/0.

Nothing drastic as she’s already stressed but if needed to pull a few leaves here and there it’s ok. We don’t have to go all one way or another sometimes little things here and there can make the difference.

Be patient nothing happens in a day :call_me_hand:t4:

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Is it better to defoliate lightly damaged leaves, or leave them in place to continue to photosynthesize? I know if they are actually dying, it’s best to remove, but if they are still mostly green, best to leave in place, correct?

Just leave it unless it’s something that starts to spread or can threaten the rest of your plant. If they’re not a bother just leave em

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Thanks! Do you have a BTC address? I have a tip for you! :slight_smile:

Sorry I do not.

All here to help one another out and spread knowledge!!!

Never Quit!

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