Help idk whats wrong

I have a plant that the bottom leaves are turning yellow the whole thing ive been noticing about a week now but when i looked this am it now has some small spots on the 2 leaves that has changed colors ive known something was wrong with this plant from the jump cause of the rate the plant is growing very slow the 1s in the bigger pots will be 4 weeks on the 8th and this is as big as there gotten idk what ti di or should i just give up and just count as a loss
Rh 61%
PH of watering always between 6.3-6.5
Heres a couple pictures ill try to explain as i post them up

this the plant im worried about yellowing wwith spots under light

Ok i got my whole setup in 1 of these pictures so yall can see i have amendments
To be honest im worried about them all they not growing the 1s in the cups are a week younger than the 1s in the pots and all arent growing

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Those little round leaves yellowing and falling off are a natural part of the process. They have served their purpose (to feed the seedling) and will now fall off.


Yes i know the first 2 will but im talking about the 1s set of real leaves not the cotyledons

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Its prob hungry. I dont do soil grows but you should list what soil you use and all the details of your grow so the soil growers can easily help.

Cheers !!


Looks hungry to me she needs nitrogen/ may not be the best soil. What soil are you using? my new seedlings are 8 days above ground and are bigger than those/ they don’t look bad but are definitely lagging if they are 4 weeks old


Looks hungry for nitrogen to me as well.

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It just some cheap soil that i got from walmart i thought it was nitrogen but wasent 100%sure what can i use to put it into soil and i did put all my info in my first post about this sorry and thanks you guys what soil should i use?

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Lots of soil choices I use fox farms happy frog. You can find it online or find a local supplier on there website. As far as adding nitrogen again I use fox farms nutrients so I would need to add grow big. It’s usually sold in a trio with all the necessary additives except calmag. Any other questions?

My ph is always between 6.2-6.5 i always ph my water every watering i started studying on them like a year before my first grow this is my first time ever putting it in play so this is my

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Also I like to dome my seedlings at that size, it keeps the humidity up. You may run out of comments since you just started so just tag me. Seedlings

Ok but these plants will be 4weeks on the 8th

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Wow yeah you definitely gotta get on a feeding schedule or in a enriched soil. I would go ahead and transfer it to a bigger pot too. Just when you look at a feeding chart treat it as a seedling not a 4 week old plant because development wise it’s not there.

The good news is when you get it transfered to better soil it will have enough nutrients in the soil for the next 4 weeks.

Seedling issues, especially with yellowing leaves, are almost always caused by watering issues and poor root development, not nutrient deficiencies.

You are watering a little every day or two and not allowing the pot to dry out.

Instead, you should be soaking until runoff and leaving it alone until it is almost dried out, and then repeat.


No i was only watering 1 a week but the soil i had held water really bad when i transfered them today in new soil 1 of my pots had stinky water just setting at the bottom. Of the pot

started from over watering and bad soil to this


Tric sgot of them nowneed about another week

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@CMichGrower @SKORPION due to your help o was able to put through i changed to ffhf soil and added perlite and now im about a week or 2 from harvest thanks for the help and support @Hellraiser @Teffygreenthumb @BetrayedSoul @MidwestGuy this message is to think all of you i know y’all didnt say much but what you did help me fix my problem. Plus I’ve been following along on all journals yall make thanks so much


The first harvest is always exciting , good to hear you made it thru. It gets easier every go around from here. Pay it forward as you learn try to help somebody else.


I will most def @SKORPION

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