Help ID'ing AF vs PP

due to my dumbassery i created a fustercluck - was growing 2 PP Kush CBD and 5 Gorilla Glue AFs, figured it would be easy to tell them apart but because i am a rookie i had them on a longer light period in the garage and when i moved them outside they all flowered with the shorter light period, so i could not tell what was what but by smell and other tests i “think” i figured it out - so I put the supposed PP 's the ground and grew the others in containers. all looked alike as far as # buds, size etc, with a slight difference in smell and certainly in stickiness when trimming - the problem is i still get high smoking either one, a little more with the AF but the PP is supposed to be only 1% THC, so i would expect nothing.

i even did a blind test study with a friend who could not detect more than subtle differences between them all.

so - i left the PPs in the ground after harvesting - they were basically bare save for a few small leaves at the base - and in 4 weeks they are well vegetated, but with a lot of singlet leaves as i hear is common for revegging - but one is flowering profusely while the other is not. so thats weird too - you can see they are right next to each other.

so is it safe to think these are indeed PP, as the AFs would not have revegged as much or even at all? or is maybe the one flowering an AF going through a second bloom and the other a PP?

this is just nuts. new crop is labeled to prevent this SNAFU again.

I would say it is the PP that reveg and not the AF

any clue why one would reflower so much vs the other?