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New to the forum, please excuse me if I’m posting in wrong section…need help identifying white spots of leaves and how to fix…about 6 weeks of growth

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Welcome to the community. Could be thrips . @Zee @kellydans @Covertgrower @Cannabian


Not sure if those are thrips for sure, but look for pests. Might be one there somewhere. Plant looks good other than that.


Welcome to the forum great people around to help you.

Covert and deep got you covered!


Growing outdoors your likely culprit is bugs. I’d look for crawlers of any sort and look into pest protection prevention treatments

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cute plant, might be thrips? Could be aphids? Hard to say just by the damage. Thrips ar super tiny and hang out on the spine on the leaf, the middle vein. When pkants are that small and close to the soil, they are quite susceptible to attack, particularly from slugs and mice or voles. Clear all the leaf litter away from the plant without disturbing the ground cover too much, it will reduce hidy spots for night feeders. As long as the pkant doesn’t get too chewed it will finish just fine. You may wish to sprinkle diatomaceous earth around the base of the plant to keep slugs and snails away. Like I said on a small plant like that a slug can destroy it overnight.


Welcome to the community ! outside sometimes can be a challenge with the pests, not sure what it is, being in bud stage I would try to use something organic to get rid of it.

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Welcome to the forum! The guys covered you. You should identify the type of bugs and treat it. Plus I suggest you to take off all those banana leaves from around the plant. You made a cozy home for bugs.

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Thank you all.