Help identifying this bug

Can I get help identifying this bug?
In the Kootenays in British Columbia.
Sitting on my leaf but don’t see damage. Also 1 spider and a mosquito near by. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@Lacewing know anything about this one??

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Can’t say for sure the pic is pretty fuzzy

I get this

Then if I zoom it in a little too much it’s not identifying it but if I zoom it halfway

I think it’s a minute pirate bug but the angle is causing the back shiny part of its body to glare a bit

That’s a minute pirate and it’s larve
I’d take a loupe and get a close look at my new growth sites and see if there’s more

If there is I’d leave it be

That’s it!!!
Thank you so much.
Seems I’ll Leave It be with my jumping spider.
I’ll keep an eye on things for now.

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You are very welcome !!
Unless your cannabis plant starts growing acorns I think your fruits are safe

Hahaha keep us posted !!

Ehhhh sorry replied to the wrong post hahaha
Was on another one about pests


Imagine finding this on your plant

I also want you to know …that bug …the minute pirate
Is one of the most fierce predators…it’s fast and there’s really almost no limit to how much it can eat
If there’s enough food source on your plant it should reproduce …look up it’s life cycle and you will be amazed at how long your plant is going to be protected

I first discovered them 2 months ago and I see the larve the translucent looking one on my plants all the time

Not bad looking for a first timer outdoors battling but yet trying to work with nature at the same time …

It’s nickname is also the flower bug …
That’s where I see most of the young …

You kind of hit the lottery in my opinion
People buy them online