Help identifying these white spots on my leaves

Hi everyone! This is my first grow ever so I definitely would consider taking in advice and tips from those who mastered the art of growing. I currently have two plants growing one of them is already showing signs of flowering and the other not yet and also it has white spots on the leaves!! Can someone help me how to fix this issue I already took out insects that eats the leaves but these white spots are freaking me out

Check the underside of the leafs for eggs and spider mites, you will need a jewelers loupe or something like that but pretty sure that looks like spider mites to me. Let me Tag someone that will be able to help for sure! @Budbrother @Hellraiser What do you guys think?


Thanks for the quick response Im hoping to find a solution right away cuz finding weed where im at is so difficult besides the fact that its still super illegal… theres not a lot of ppl who knows how to grow good buds and if you do find some the prices are ridiculously high… anyways back to the topic I did find red little tiny insects under the leaves could that be the spider mites?

Looks to me like spider mites, I had a similar issue on an outdoor grow last year, but an infestation on a MUCH smaller scale than what you have going on right now as well as toward lsd the end if the season. If I recall correctly you can use neem oil up until flowering but after that point should find a different weapon, since the neem oil can negatively impact your buds as they develop.

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I sprayed some pesticides will that work?

What exactly did you use?

Spider mites is listed on Captain Jack’s deadbug spinosad label


Not my pic but its the same exact thing ive used… I sprayed it on the leaves earlier today…

Im hoping it works.

I’m going to be that one that asks the stupid question this morning. An ol Man told me to use vinegar with the mother in it (unfiltered). Use a teaspoon to one gallon an spray over plant, ground all over an it will help with insects without damage to the babies

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@beardless thanks bud! I totaly missed that on the label, good to know!

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Either spider mites or thrips, either way, neem oil or spinosad will take care of it.