Help Identifying These White Specs

I just noticed these on my babies today. I’ve researched a bit online and it sounds like it could be mites or thrips? The only thing that makes me wonder is I dropped a bit of soil on them while I was adding some to their pots the other day. Do you think there’s any cause for concern?

I’ve got some neem oil that I can apply if needed.

Do you have a hand held microscope or jewelers loop or an iphone? Tough to see what it is from the photo.

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I don’t unfortunately. I actually ordered one earlier today. It’s like touching dirt or ash.

You running an ultrasonic humidifier?

I doesn’t look like a pest or mold . I think you probably right about accidentally getting some media on the leaves when adding. I find all sorts of flecks and specs on my plants throughout a grow . Wipe it off and keep an eye on it.


Thank you for the input!

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Hello, I’m having issues with yellowing bottom leaves slowly moving upwards and small white spots on a leaf. Ph is 6.8/7.00 and I’m growing outside. Please help. This is Lsd auto flowering and she’s my first grow. I haven’t used nutrients yet and water every 3 or 4 days.

hi man,

for me its hard to say but I think I would worry more about the brown spot on the lower leaf which looks like an early sign for an upcoming cal-mag deficiency (if I see correctly)

the little “white” spots on the edge of this one leaf… could it be that something ate some of the green leaf-matter and thats why it looks like it? is there something on the leaf or are these holes? could it be that some drops of some fertilizer got on there? Anyway… not to worry… just keep an eye on it

if you havent already I think it is now time to start feeding first little doses of veg-nutrients. Root Juice or similar…

Thank you for the reply. Much appreciated. That brown spot is actually a splatter of dirt from when I watered last. It easily came off. I live in Africa and therefore getting hold of cal mag is near impossible. I do have the gh series though. I’ll give her the first nutrients this evening. My heart sank when I noticed the tiny white spots, thought it was powdery mildew.

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You will need to address calcium and magnesium at some point in your grow . I’ve used Epsom salt for magnesium and I believe others here have used dolomite lime as a top dressing to add calcium.

Thank you. I can find epsom salt in the pharmacy but dolomite lime might be hard. I read somewhere that I could use ground up egg shells for Calcium. I’m new to this and sometimes I wonder if I have a clue at what I’m doing. The plant is nearly a month old and she kinda looks stunted.

Are you planted in the ground or in pots ? also I’d try to get you ph down to around 6.5.

She’s in a plastic pot. A 20 liter capacity. Again I would have to resort to primitive way to lower the ph slightly, baking soda. I don’t have access to up/down ph. I’m out here in the boonies. Thank you for your input. It really helps to be able to someone give advice

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Well, you have come to the right place. Lots of experienced growers here always willing to pass on some knowledge . The search option on here is great. Just type in a few keywords and you’ll find lots of help :v:

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Given your remote location you make want to look into all organic growing as an option . @garrigan62 has a famous super soil recipe and @Warkat is killing it with organic growing if you decide to go that route I’d take a look at their grows :v:


@Carlito69 ya man if I can help in any way I’ll do my best for ya. Just realize this is only my second grow. I’m just studying the masters of this gardening style. Knowledge is key.

Thank you. Truly appreciate all the advice from everyone. I’m sorry I kinda hijacked the initial thread, tried opening a new topic but due to my tech savviness I used this thread instead.
@Warkat That’s some serious grow you have going. Kudos to you bro.

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Good day everyone, I think I know what the problem is. Intense sun/heat. Outside temperature is about 33c/91f and she’s out facing the blazing sun all day. So I’ve moved her to a shaded area. I will prepare a homemade cal-mag of eggshells and epsom salt and feed her this evening.

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