Help identifying strange plant?

I’ve never seen a plant like this. Its so densely layered with small leaves and has huge 2" diameter colas. Its 6 weeks into flower, in soil, and looks to be atleast 2 weeks behind my other plants.

The seeds were given to me from a friend in New Zealand. Access to seeds here is difficult at best. He said one was “a high CBD strain”. I’m wondering if this plant is that? It has almost no smell and very little stickiness. I don’t see any trichomes, and my other plants are snowing.

Looks to be indica to me but I’m a noob

If you can tell me anything from these pics, or if you know how I can defoliate this plant so the buds get more light, please let me know.

I’ve included photos of all my other plants which look very normal in terms of bud development and shape etc.



Hmmmm. N my semi-expert opinion…

I’d say… u my friend have a weed plant!

Sorry couldnt help myself… dang devils lettuce got me tonight…

But seriously. Thats some serious bud development without many trichs. The one time a plant did that for me it turned out to be a dud pheno of Berry Bomb. Hated that beautiful yet :poop: smoke of a plant.

And CBD doesnt equal no sticky. Most CBD heavy plants can look like (and smell like) some grade A THC ones… heck I had a 2:1 CBD:THC that smelled like cherries and vanillaish. Super weird great smoke tho

Its also very leafy. Like a trimmers nightmare, thats a TON of sugar leaves.

Now all that said… she could turn out either way. Could be any multitude of bagseeds one saves cuz the smoke was good. One way to find out!

But the no smell, no trichs? That is a no no in my grow zone. N i grow males :rofl:


That first picture the buds look a lot like a blue cheese I just finished not to long ago. Or maybe a blue dream :thinking: granddaddy purple?? I’ll have 50 names up here in a minute :laughing: I think @PurpNGold74 is probably closest with that it’s weed

They look to be happy n healthy though 4sure jointma4


What kind of light u have above the plant. Looks super nice really but super super leafy and that really sux come trim time lol.


I have 2x 450 actual watt Leds, in a 4x8ft tent, and 2x 30watt IR Sleep initiators, and 2x 30watt UV lights.

UV lights are on for 6 hours a day. IR lights are only on for 30 mins a day right at the end of the light period.

Yea its going to be a nightmare to trim but also its not getting alot of light at the bud sites and I believe that’s why it is so immature despite having massive thick colas. I’m trying to figure out if I can somehow remove some sugar leaves now to help with that. The fan leaves aren’t in the way at all.


My white widow auto had alot of small sugar leaves like that its nothing to worry about u would find it has something to do with the strain