Help identifying strain, please. I mixed up seeds

Well, this is the last time I germinate my seeds in a paper towel/water solution… I put two strains of seeds in the same old tupperware container I’ve used for years, but this time I put too much water in, and the seeds rolled… I thought they may have gotten mixed up, and now that they’re growing, I know they did.
I got 2 that look the same, and 3 that look different. If anyone knows any way to tell which is which, I’d sure appreciate it! I think the dark, tall stalks are the Trainwreck, and the sprawling ones are the Gold Leaf. They’re in an area that’s not super sunny, so the Gold Leaf isn’t compact, like a photo I saw on this, but I think from the way they were labeled, those are the GL…I’ll put the photos and y’all put your 2cents worth in. It’ll be worth more than that to me as I ordered them for medical reasons, and each are different.

The plant on the left, I believe, is the Gold Leaf. And, I think the one on the right is Trainwreck. The ones like the one on the left are loose and bushy, and the ones on the right are growing a big cola in the middle.
NOW, the part that makes me think I’m wrong is that the one on the right, and the other like it are way far ahead on budding, and the TW isn’t supposed to be harvested until late Oct/ealry Nov. The GL is due in October, and is just starting to bud… so, I may have them backwards. I’m hoping someone is good enough at this to figure it out :grin:
thanks again
Just found a better photo:

The one on the left is the one I think is TW, and the one on the right is the one I think is GL…*I should have just put type 1 & type 2 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:s . would have been easier!

Long thin leaves is sativa dominant

short wide leaves is indica

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They’re both hybrid, but thanks, anyway.

YES…almost everything is hybrid these days. However, one IS sativa dom and the other IS indica dom. much different nute needs and growth patterns. Research will show into the genetics of each will show you, which is …which. Trainwreck is sativa dom…the one on the right. Bergman’s Gold Leaf is indica dominant…it’s the other one.

thanks, I’ll try. The leaves look the same shapes to me. But, I’m not good at it.

The darker one looks to have wider leaves (i think i see 9 fingers) … imho and the lighter looks to have long slender fingers

If so, then I have them backwards :grimacing:. I’ve been researching them, and photos look like what i think they are, but I’m not through yet :wink:. I don’t mind being wrong, I just want to get it right, since I got each for a certain purpose, and already lost several plants when they were seedlings.
Here’s one more photo. A close-up of one that I think is Gold Leaf. But if it turns out to be Train Wreck, then I have 3 TW’s, and 2 GL’s instead of the other way around. Either way is good.
When I go out in the morning to fertilize, i’ll look closer at the leaves, and see if I can tell.
I can’t find anything on fertilizing them differently, so I’m just going to use the Big Bloom on the ones blooming, which are the ones I think are TW’s, which aren’t supposed to mature until Nov…??
and, use Grow Big on the GL’s, which aren’t blooming. Those are supposed to mature in Oct…so, I probably do have them backwards :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(oh, the yellow leaves are from when it was transplanted. The new soil was too hot. They’re growing nice & green now :grinning:).

I think I figured it out…at least I hope I’m right.
The light, loose one is the Train Wreck, which is sativa dominant.
The dark, tightly growing one is Gold Leaf, which is Indica dominant. The leaves are not as thin and long on it.

anyone have any different ideas? would love to hear. These photos were taken this morning. The first is what I now think is Train Wreck, and the 2nd Gold Leaf…

@Sholleman I think you have it correct now.
You’re just lucky there’s enough of a difference between the two to tell apart. Nowadays everything is a hybrid.


I’m learning :crazy_face:.

As a newbie myself, I think I would be treating all the plants the same anyway :slight_smile: Cool to know the difference if one rocks and the other duds.

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