Help identifying sex


Hello all-

I’m making my first post, hopefully I am following the proper guidelines. I was hoping I could get some help identifying plants. I went through previous posts but am still unsure. This is my first time attempting a grow (found a couple seeds in a bag and decided to give it a try). Anyway, I have attached some pictures. They are both 9 weeks (from time seed in ground) and have been purely outdoors. I fear they are both males but am holding out hope for a female. If not, I will likely order seeds and try again. Any help is appreciated.



Hard to tell from the pics. Might have to wait a week. Upper left looks like balls, but lower down also calyx


I agree with @Drinkslinger it does kinda look male


I agree too ! Male alarm…


both male…pull. start over.

good idea to plant 3x as many as you plan to keep. not all seeds hatch. not all plants grow big n fat. not all plants are healthy. Take out what doesn’t work. Use time and resources on the ones that are big fat and happy.


I would not pull yet I’d wait until u, ur self can tell for sure


I’d give it a few more days before you decide.


The first one is male, but the second one is too young to tell. Post another pic in a few days.


Whaddaya, some kinda mind reader? lol.


You and I are always in sync. :wink: