Help identifying multiple issues - leaf symptoms. Photos attached

Hey again all.
Outdoor grow in MA, raised bed, my usual soil mix of:
well-rotted, composted horse & chicken manure
my own compost, turned & sifted etc
llama/alpaca manure
coco coir, peat moss, existing topsoil/garden soil in yard
Espoma Tomato-Tone dry fert
Lime (soil is naturally acidic here, 4.5 if I don’t correct it)

Strains in this bed: ILGM Bubba Kush, Black Widow, Skywalker
BK and BW are showing much more of these symptoms than the Sky.
I use a rotation of organic pest/disease mgmt including Conserve (spinosad), Grandevo, Venerate, Regalia, Double Nickel, Milstop, OxiDate and others.

Everyone knows the weather’s been psycho this year; here we’ve had rain, rain, rain, cold dips, a 3 week run of 90˚F days & 75˚F nights with 80-90% humidity, currently back to cooler nights and 80˚F days. This much rain has led to root rot in other areas of my yard but usually the raised beds can drain. Expecting some loss of nutrients due to excessive rain, not something I typically have to deal with. Everything looked fine until last week. Given the environmental issues I’ve been stripping lower leaves and trimming out smaller, less productive stems more than usual as I’ve had nasty fungal issues in similar weather over the years. Lower leaf yellowing to the normal degree suddenly intensified and started moving up the plants,(fixed nute issue?) along with blotching and then overnight going brown & dead. I’ve so far given an epsom salt & Tomato-Tone boost to the soil and foliar cal-mag given the symptoms, but a few more sets of eyeballs would be appreciated as to what may be going on here. The odd part is finding tiny new growth along stems withered brown/dead along with the leaves (before I did any spraying). Other grows I used the same spray mix on are not showing these symptoms. Phosphorus issue maybe, along with the others?
All the leaves on the sheet of paper are from the same plant.
The plants look sparse because of all the removal of extraneous stems/leaves, and the weather hasn’t helped; most years they look far more robust than this.


Plant looks overall healthy. Don’t worry about the lower leaves. It’s normal for the plant to shed them as it ages.


Thank you. Yea, the normal yellowing/dropping I’m well aware of; fourth photo down of one example of the blackened new growth is far more concerning. I removed several 5-gal buckets worth of leaves/nonproductive stems in the days before taking that photo, that all looked like the diseased ones in the photos…might not think the plant looked so healthy if I hadn’t stripped all the awful looking ones off… and I’m seeing more of these symptoms appear creeping upward, now at about four feet up; not really yellowing first but going blotchy, then brown as in the pics.

I’m probably being a bit high-strung about it admittedly… hoping they just needed the extra nutrient kick due to the rain.