Help identifying if this is due to pests

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Please take a look and advise what u think this is, @peachfuzz I believe u were right about week ago, now I have a better scope. If it is pests I have captain Jack’s, dead bug is that good? I don’t see anything moving or stands out as a bug - yet, leaf also shown for example of what i am seeing. Shit!


The leave looks to me like K deficiency


I’m not sure what that is in pic, but would also agree you’re probably looking at a deficiency. What’s your ph look like?


I see your tiny black spot on the mag view. I’m not sure that is what’s causing your leaf problem.

Do you have a pic of the whole plant? Is there only one black spot?

What is your feeding schedule now? @Okie70 and what is your Ph it still looks like a nutriet deficiency to me

Ph is constant 5.8 - 6.1, saw just a few of the lack spots and the white droplets also in the zoom pic. Late feeding this week, went 6 days because ppm were still @ 500 - 550 and scedule says not over 600 for 30 day plant?? 30 days as of today, however very stunted due to saturated rockwool situation 2x. Some of my plants look fair and some not, worried of pests. Running leds @36" now as they felt and looked to hot, some crispy, but no heat felt at all by hand. Using GH trio and at 1/4 strength and cal-mag @ 1/2 strength. Nft system, dripping in from top yet as roots still not in pipes, plan on cutting bottom of baskets today to allow roots easier access to get thru, balled up in bottom and have slight brown tint now

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They’re proud feeling crispy because of the leaf damage. If you’re ph is getting as high as 6.1 regularly that could potentially be an issue. I’m really not familiar enough with nft or drop systems to say. But I suspect an issue with your ppm vs feeding level could easily be an issue too.

I’m sorry I don’t really have the knowledge here to help you more. Maybe @peachfuzz wouldn’t mind dropping by and having a look.


I know your in hydro , but bring your ph up to 6.0 to 6.5 in vegg , dont worry if it drifts back and forth in that range , so try to not manipulate your ph so much with ph up and down… let her drift a bit…
What nutrient line are you using…?
Your main issue is still the fact that your rockwhool is staying to wet… in that system you have there really isn’t a dry area between plant trunk and water roots…
Tell me exactly what your feeding them ?
Ppm should be in between 200 and 400 as long as your water started out with a ppm of 0 and ph was 6.5…
I like to give my plants smaller amounts of nutrients , but I make sure that anything and everything is available to them…
You may just need magnesium and no calcium or vise versa… either way , your plants are still to young to really do anything drastic…
Just let the ph drift from 6.0 to 6.6 … ppm under 500… and see how that goes… :wink:
Also when looking for bugs… best place to look is under leaves and in between leaf fingers and in leaf vanes…

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@blackthumbbetty I recall on 1 of your post u said u have used something as a preventative in the water while feeding, what was that? If I even recall correctly. Looked at a good green leaf and it has many of these white dots, see no bugs.


Those are just the glands on the leaf. Nothing to worry about.

Thanks stealth, appreciate it, eases my mind for sure @basementstealth

@peachfuzz. Okay I now have a nice gentle continuous stream in my tubes, hopefully the roots will get to it and thrive before I end up killing them. Running G.H. trio- micro, grow, bloom all @ 1/4 strength and cal-mag @ half strength. Ppm is 445 right now, res. Temp is 71, just got a chiller delivered today not installed yet. Thanks for helping to u all

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A preventative in the water for insects or mold?

I think everyone has given you great advice.