Help identify what my plant needs

If it’s spider mites I used Dr Bronners I scented castile soap on my last crop it seemed to work a treat in mid flower, I haven’t tried anything else, they did end up coming back towards end of flower but I chose to harvest a little earlier to prevent keep treating them

Which Dr Bronners castile soap did you use? Scented?

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Is the CJ ok to use every other day? Also when you say use alcohol 1:9 , do you apply it the same way as the CJ? …At night…saturate leaves top and bottom?

CJ, I believe can be use every other day, double check label, also with CJ, You want the concentrate and mix it at 1 1/2 the recommendation
strength. You also want to switch between the products, as mites become Immune to sprays. I personally haven’t used the alcohol mix yet, but have heard it works well, and yes everything you spray is either early morning or evening. With the alcohol I would spray a small spot and make sure it doesn’t burn the plant 1st.
I have had to go to the extreme and trim lots of small branchs, and leaves off, and spray with dawn dish soap daily for 3 to 4 days in a row, plants survived, and killed the mites. Mites are very difficult to get rid of so you have to hit them hard.

@lilbia420smoke i used the un scented one