Help Identify this pest

I have no idea what this thing is. Little wormlike creature that hangs by web. Internet search leads me to believe it’s moth larvae. It’s in my seedling area which I happen to have a couple tomato plants there until the weather gets nice. Bout to hit them with azamax and pyganic. Thought I had mites for a min before I seen this little worm dancing around on a thread

Not cool I think it is clothes moth larvae.

Anyone ever see these in your tent? I’m week 10 flower so about to harvest but I’m assuming these little buggers don’t harm plants. I’m just glad it’s not mites. Tis the season here in Colorado

I do not know about this specific one, but please check your buds, as other larvae/catapiller type things like to crawl into buds and destroy them from the inside out. Look for dark specs on your leaves and buds (bug poo)…

But like I said, I have no experience with this one, but better safe than sorry…

Everything is flushing right now I’m flipping the tent back to veg on Saturday. I’ll be sure to check em while ripping leaves. Never heard of caterpillar infestation indoors that’d be some nightmarish shit. Still relieved not to see spider mites. My heart dropped when I saw the web

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