Help identify this bug please uk

I did post this elsewhere sorry for double taking a white gold female 2 weeks old out of the flower room daily after 6 hours dark and going under a 3 headed led. That’s irrelevant as this post relates bugs.
Can anyone identify this

I used a loupe over my camera

Can you catch it and try to get pictures in regular light (Even if it’s dead)? Tough to see

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Possibly an aphid.

That good or bad. Do I isolate her. I have found orange bits for a while?

Sorry I squashed it

Looks like some version of a Weevil to me. The long snout kinda points me that way. It’s hard to be sure with the pic so I’m open to being incorrect.

I typically find them in Grain Products like rice, some pastas, and dry pet foods.

Isolate… Inspect… and repackage in plastic Tupperware type containers. Remove any contaminated items.

Bugs are bad, unless they are fast, and eat other bugs.

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I think it’s an orius, if it is ida killed it too , while beneficial and predatory there also sap suckers and apparently can bite human ?

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This one didn’t get chance. Lol
I’ve sussed it out. Not what it is but I have one grow room and it’s flowering hours so I bring two out so they don’t flower obviously. Now I am in the UK so sun is rare (always there lol). Always overcast and apart from a couple of months frost is a possibility. My flower room is from 6pm for 11 hours. About 11am I take em out. They have had a sleep . So taking into garden is asking for trouble I see that now. They are gonna have to go under a seedling 3 head led. Till I’m sure nothing on. Keep finding orange bits. Initially I thought it was just Coco but it keeps appearing so I guess either eggs or faeces. Isolated and closely inspecting. I have a loupe and I check soil too. My eyes aren’t what they were .

I’m doing a side by side pk experiment. All the same just 3. Different PK applications. Anyone interested ask. I may make a thread

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Catapillars poo orange , personally I’d spray with neem oil or conquer oil

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If you don’t want to use a spray , hunt for them just after lights on, probably best to also get some sticky traps and even some mozi bits

A portable blacklight can be very useful for finding insects. Often parts of them will fluoresce under it. Before lights on is best.


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Nice trick!

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Looked like a spider mite. Either way its bad.

O haven’t found another one. It’s isolated till I’m sure they are gone. Spider mite was my first fear but it doesn’t look like it does on the linternet … amyoome else think spidwr mite?

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It would be unlikely that there’s only 1 , still , isolating was a good idea , have you sprayed it yet?

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