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Hi everybody,
Here is all the info I got with pictures attached.
I am a first time grower and absolutely love it!!! I want to learn everything I can about it!! Anyways, I am 5 weeks into flowering and have had some discoloring leaves for about 4 weeks. I am growing with pro mix soil in smart pot bags. I am using Dutch nutrients bloom A & B, bloom stacker, and cal-mag using recommended amounts. My ph is between 6-6.5 and temps are 23-25 Celsius with lights on and 18-20 Celsius lights off. I brought some leaves to my local grow shop who are a big help, they examined and found some thrip. I have used doktor doom thrip killer 3 times waiting 3 days inbetween spraying. I Am wondering if all the issue is from those fuckers or if there might be something else going on. The buds are still smelling good and very sticky and growing nicely. Should I just continue and wait to see what happens. Also any help on when I should be harvesting would be awesome.


Again I am looking to gain as much knowledge as possible so anything will help!!!

Thanks in advance everybody

@raustin, take a look at this one.

First: PH is just a touch high. 6.0 is my target with Promix. What water are you using and do you know what the TDS is?

Thrips can be controlled with the product you have but I would add a dose of 50/50 3% hydrogen peroxide and distilled water. Dose your plant with your bug killer (spinosad) and wait 5 days. Then soak the plant with peroxide and water. Wait 48 hours and hit with the bug killer. If you have thrips you will only be able to control and not eliminate them.

You have another 4 weeks to go assuming you are in week 5 of flower.


Wow, I’ve never seen anything like that, but it doesn’t look like any kind of deficiency or toxicity. I think it’s the thrips responsible for that weird coloring, it looks like they’re attacking the leaves.

I would do exactly what @Myfriendis410 said, use the peroxide wash on them, that should help. After you get rid of the bugs this plant will need some time to recover. You just have a few more weeks toi get to harvest, so hang in there and be diligent with the washing.

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First I just really want to thank you for taking time to help me. As a new grower I really appreciate all the help I can get and am trying to learn everything I can.

I have just been using regular tap water, I was thinking of getting an r.o. Machine for the tap I get the water from. Is this something I should worry about loosing my crop or should I just do as you suggest and carry on?

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Are you on city water or well water? If city do you let the water sit for at least 24 hours to let the chlorine evaporate off?

I really appreciate your input I will definitely use your advice and hope for the best!! Can I use the hydrogen peroxide that I can buy at the pharmacy?

Thanks again

Assuming your water is PH’d correctly (meter is calibrated) and any chlorine has been allowed to dissipate, keep watering as you have for this grow. R/O is something that is probably a good idea but next grow, not this one.

It’s good to ask questions and there are lots of folks who enjoy mentoring new growers. You do have to pay us back with some great bud porn though :grin:

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I am on city water and to be honest I started out letting it sit when they where smaller but when they got bigger I had stopped.

I am going to have to start being more diligent about letting the chlorine evaporate.

I am really looking for experienced people I can connect with to help and would love a mentor in my area to connect with.

I’m sure I will have A LOT more questions in a few weeks when it’s time to harvest.

I will keep the pics flowing every step of the way!!!

Thanks for everything.


Yes, regular 3% peroxide that you get at the pharmacy.

You can tag anyone using the @ sign ahead of their handle.

I am happy to help and I know there are numerous others here willing and capable.

If you are anything like me; getting that first grow out of the way allows you to settle down and concentrate on other factors and nuances involved in growing really dynamite cannabis. None of it is hard but taken out of context it can be tough to apply to the actual plant. Reading grow journals and downloading/reading the Grow Bible is excellent advice too. Keep notes. I print a monthly calendar and use that on a clipboard for each plant, for example.

If you are interested I’ll tag you over to my journal and you can scan it.

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I think I am more excited to start a new grow then to finish this one. I have realized how important the little things are. I really appreciate your time and will definitely be in touch.

If you can tag me to your journal that would be awesome.

Thank you

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Here it is and good luck. It’s kinda long.

I’ve had to deal with thrips from my fox farm/ocean forest soil mix due to me over-watering. I bought some fabric pots and that helped a lot and I’m getting better at not overwatering and letting the plant tell me when she needs a drink. One thing I found and have used with success is a product I got off of Amazon called SNS 209. It can be sprayed or it can be added systemically through the water. Follow the directions on the bottle but it’s essentially 8 ml per gallon every watering for about five consecutive waterings/feedings. You can also mix it with your nutrients Etc. Good luck and you’ll get this under control for sure. Glad you like growing. I got hooked on it myself through this website!
PS another product I have on hand that seems to help and helps dry out your soil from over-watering is called food grade de or diatomaceous earth. That gets sprinkled on the soil. Remember it has to be food-grade.