Help! I used Miracle moister control potting soil!


Help i used miracle grow soil that has nutrients in it for up to 6 months supposedly and my plant is in a 5 gallon pot… should I transplant into a bigger size different soil? Or should I take the plant out of the container and wash most of the dirt off the roots and refill with good soil?


She doesnt appear to be burned, just keep giving her plain water NO nutes. If she starts burning up, id recommend transplant and rinsing of the roots



If your feeding the plant, you need only stop feeding and water only. But if that doesn’t work then yes you will have to transplant her into nutrient free soil r at least something with a were low N P K


Flushing with warm water and agitation (slapping on the planter) will flush nutrients including “P” (hence the agitation). Transplanting is not necessary but a surefire fix for any toxified soil, including plantings in the ground.

Miracle blow has time released nutrients that stifle controlled feedings. I prefer heptahydrates " *7-H20 " and other extremely soluble elements. I call time released “time bomb”.


Pre-Fertilized media means you do not have control of the food source.

Best to have control over what type and strength of nutes goes into your plant.


I grew these plants in MG moisture control and I know someone that has grown 1 pound in miracle grow. Although maybe not the best soil, it doesn’t mean you can’t grow in it.

I believe @highcountrygal uses MG unless she changed and she grows big plants



Wow those are big buds !! Did you ever add any nutes? Or just plain water threw the whole way?


Also I haven’t watered this pot since 3 weeks ago. Should i water? Soil is kinda damp 3 inches into the pot.


As @garrigan65 mentioned
You just need to water with MG soil
Ph at 6.5 and watter


Yes I added nutrients but I watered to run off with regularity and tested that run off so I would have an idea of how much fertilizer to add and wouldn’t be “flying blind”, if you are not doing these test then I wouldn’t add any fertilizer and just use plain water.

I don’t do soil much anymore though so I haven’t used it in a long time, mainly hydro now


I grew my first grow in MG. Just use pH 6.5 water with no nutes until it starts to flower. Then start giving it a little bit of bloom fertilizer to add phosphorous. When it looks almost ready to harvest, stop the bloom fertilizer and just water with LOTS of ph’ed water to try to flush out as many nutes as you can.


I’m transplanting a different plant. Should I add wormcastings to the mix? This is the soil I’m using. I also have perlite on hand.


@TDubWilly Morning! Nice nice grow, I’d love to trade! Yes I do use MG and have never ever had a problem with it. They know what they are doing. I also use Nature’s Care also by MG an awesome soil.


Hey there @highcountrygal

Im putting some if your journal over so @Sirdankz can see, this was all grown in MG
Come grow with me by HCG (week 4 and on)


Sure miracle grow will grow stuff but I think the major issue for me personally is I cannot control the food or what was used.
Some stuff tastes so harsh and is hard to flush nutrients from infused media before harvest for a smooth taste.


Thank you, my friend:) @TDubWilly


@HighDesertFarmer I’ve been using it for years and never had any problems I grow in 5 gal buckets. Why do you need to control nutes? You shouldn’t be giving any for the first 3 months your soil has what it needs and lasts up to 3 months. Try adding some gypsum to your mix it aids in leaching old salts out.


I just meant that miracle grow adds their own nutrients and therefore youre sorta stuck with them.


@HighDesertFarmer yes they do add their own but they do not last after 3 months. and nutes should not be used the first 3 months, it’s like feeding a newborn a marathon runners diet. Your bad tasting and harsh weed is from something entirely different not because of the mg. Trust me go check out my journals and see how well it did for my gals. If the soil was that bad then they would not be in business. I do not know why people are so dead set against mg. It is tried and true. You’ve got problems caused by something else not mg


My weed isnt harsh or bad tasting? I do not use miracle grow so cannot tell ya, but merely meant when you have a premix it is sometimes hard to flush everything iut and it causes problems. I just prefer making a healthy organic soil.
I personally do not like MG because it is fake and empty. Same as most national scale agriculture fertilizers and such you know? Does not mean because it grows big produce and is cheap it is good for us.
This is likely the organic farmer side of me havin this discussion.
Here we all use whatever works well for us, same as anywhere.