Help I think they are dead



he needs to confirm his ppm meter is accurate and in my opinion he needs to do a ph balanced flush


Agreed on the ppm. Needing to be accurate. pH too.

I suppose a flush at this point whether the soil is wet or dry isn’t going to do much more damage. If a flush is the consensus he should probably try to bring the pH up a smidge too.


if the root system cant handle the excess ppm then ull be saving its life


also check ur tap water, it may be 400ppm or more. distilled water will flush much faster. also something like fox farms sledgehammer, or flawless finish will help speed up flushing


has anyone seen leaves turn pure white like that?


The only thing on the internet that shows whitening leaves starting from the inside out is an iron deficiency, but the pics on the internet don’t look remotely close to what your plant looks like. Hopefully experts can help. Does the plant look any different today?



1500 ppm is really high. I feel like that has to be the problem and possibly cause nute lock out. Flush those girls and restart the nutes at a lower ppm.


touch the white area on the leaf to see if it rubs off? if not it could be chlorosis caused by intense low temp light like from LEDs



You have got the best the on-line name … it’s perfect.

Any way does this look familiar ?

Any way

Under Watering

Under watering can show the exact same symptoms as over watering can,
they show the droopiness along with the top soil being hard. To avoid
this make sure every other other watering you give your plants a good
watering, like use a bit more water then you normally do, because
sometimes your plants will need a good quenching once in a while. So
doing this will help the bottom roots and root hairs get enough water
to produce newer growth. For new growers they tend to do both over
watering and under watering.
More over watering then anything else, they tend to be to “generous”,
and then you have ones that are to afraid to water them to much and
then they get the under watering symptom. Under watering seems to
droop more than over watering does, the fan leaves will droop closer
to the stalk and won’t be as yellow as over watering looks like, under
watering looks like this picture below, only way to stop under watering
is to water when the pot feels lite. Make sure few drips of water come
out at the bottom of the holes, that way you know the plant has enough


Are you growing in coco or soil


Soil, they were so beautiful until this


I would be willing to bet your ph meter is off and thi is more than just one issue. Calibrate everything flush and come back with nutrients at half strength


You may want to try to bring your ph up in soil too 6.5 to 6.8


Do the holes in the bottom of the bucket allow the water to freely flow through? Everyone seems to think this could be overwatering or underwatering. I kinda think the roots looked drowned like @peachfuzz and @raustin said. What every you do, I wish you the best of luck.


I think that 1/2 gal of water is not enough for big containers like that, pretty sure a good watering would take atleast one gal in these size pot.


We flushed with 15 gallons PhD water each. They are now crispy brown. The white on the leaves does not rub off. I have contacted advanced nutrients about this to help others. These were the best plants we have ever grown and thhhh they were gone


Ok so. How are they ?


Sadly they were toast. I contacted advanced nutrients about what happened and they think underwatering. How much runoff is enough?


“sufficient runoff” isn’t really a thing I’ve worried about. Maybe they were just underwatered. Ironically underwater and overwater look similar


Sufficient runoff is about 10% of what you put in comes out the bottom for soil and 30% for coco once the root system is established.