HELP! I think plants were burned by Full strength Neem Oil?

  • Sour Diesel from clone + a younger Blue Dream from seed
  • Method: Organic soil Fox Farm Ocean Forest Soil
  • Vessels: from solo cup to black felt pot which I covered with white cloth
  • PH of Water is 7
  • Outdoor
  • No Light system
  • Temps; Day, Night LA this summer HOT
  • Humidity; Day, Night
  • Ventilation system; No; outdoors

SO I am out of town working and my friend sprayed neem oil on my plants last night but did not dilute it first. She came out today and this is how plants look now.

She is freaking out but Im just glad no one’s dead, she was crying so much when she called me about it just now.

Anything she can do now or are they goners?
Was thinking she can flush them and spray leaves with distilled water maybe?

Cut out the effected parts, and yea maybe try to rinse your plant when it gets a little cooler to get rid of some of that oil

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Just for your future plants, if you’re going to use neem, use it in veg only. Don’t spray it on flowering plants even if it’s diluted. Use captain jacks dead bug on flowering plants and it won’t affect the smoke at all.


yeah i know. she didn’t. i think it happened because she ran out of captain jacks.

any other ways to salvage them other than spraying with distilled water (in the shade) and maybe doing a flush tonight?

In regards to using Captain Jacks during flowering. I only spray the stalk and leaves. I veer away from spraying the buds.
If I ended up spraying the buds would this effect anything in your opinion?

Captain Jack’s and Safer Caterpillar Killer are two great pest control products that you can use all the way to harvest. Not spraying flower means that caterpillars can populate your buds and eat them from the inside out. Not spraying flower means spider mites can use as a high rise apartment.

Look at the mechanism of these two products: the first uses a bacterium called ‘Spinosad’ and the other ‘Bacillus Thurengiensis’ or BTK. Both of these work directly on the nervous system of the insect and is benign to pets and humans. Both require maintenance spraying throughout the grow. Both are cheap and effective.

Finally; at harvest, perform a bud wash in peroxide to remove all environmental crap and any other junk that landed on the plant.

Here for example is a bucket of water, one cup of peroxide and one plant washed in it:

Do YOU want to smoke that?