Help, I think my White widow is overdue and dying!

I planted this autoflowering white widow on 3/27. An indoor grow with 1000w LED lights, and just the items I got in my pot for a pot set up. All I added was water. Isn’t it supposed to be further along??? Also the leaves closest to the buds seem to be bending down. I moved her from the tent to a bathroom but it seems to have stifled her growth.

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She looks good but a long way from done, tons of white pistols so still building. Keep up the good work, happy growing :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forum. I agree with @Dennis62 :+1:


Thanks much. I’ll try and be patient.

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Thanks so much!!

Welcome to ILGM !

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Hey guys. Just wanted to update. I harvested some beautiful buds. Thanks so much for the guidance and encouragment! Cheers! IMG_20200719_202707010|666x500

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