Help: I think my plants are dieing

This is my first grow and is indoor. Everything has been goong great so far roughly 2 to 3 weeks in. However yesturday I noticed my leaves starting to get droopy

I am not to sure if I over watered them or what. I try to only water them when the soil starts to feel like most of the moisture is gone. Currently about once a day.

I have them on a 18 / 6 light cycle and the tempture has been fine.

Everything has been going great and not sure by the pic if anyone can tell if there is concern or not.

Based on what has been said is it due to underwatering, over watering or should I add some more light and increase its distance a bit?

Any help would be much appreciated.

You are over watering!!! At seedling stage just mist the plant a couple times a day with a spray bottle


I would stop watering for a couple days. And move your lights closer. Their Cfls so they can be a lot closer. Like 2" away. They look like their stretching.

This is what I’m growing with Cfls. And at seedling stage I watered them every 3 days or so and misted them every now an then.

And these lil ones are 23 days from popping out of the soil.


911, 911 on a couple things there bud . First off welcome to the community. Nice start . Now number 1 is get them transplanted nto something that is NOT clear the roots cant take the light well at all and zooming in it looks like I see roots one the one crawling around the inside of the cup . 2 Looks like the soil is pretty wet so I would say over watering might be the other issue but overall looks good nothing that can’t be fixed. I would go ahead and transfer to a 1 gallon pot for a few weeks then go to a final 3 to 5 gallon planter go easy on the water still it is the easiest and most common mistake to make they are pretty easy to over love with nutrients and water so be easy . I wouldn’t even bother feeding and thing for a while.


Your over-watering but she’s got other issues, you need to transplant them to bigger containers


Thank you for the help guys. I will hold off on watering for a bit and start that new watering cycle. I will look at changing the lighting as well.

I do have bigger containers but they are clear. Should I go get something where light can not get in ?

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Absolutely get one no light can get through the roots can not be exposed to any light through the sides for now just stick it in the dirt deep enough the cup top is even with the soil . Also download the free grow bible and growers guide from this site it is a big help and answers questions I didn’t know I had .

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A wealth of information in the reading!

You’ve gotten great suggestions above. Welcome and enjoy…


@Luke Yes your over watering .put more holes in them cups .more closer to the lites ,to help dry up things a little then add 2teaspoons ,house hold peroxide to the phed water and then water . it’ll help her recover . transplant when the plant is mostly dry . to help prevent damage .also add a b-vitamin supplement 2-3 days prior to trans plant .to off set shock .Hope this straightens out a few things for you.
Hammer .

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Hey everyone. Thank you for the help. So here is what I did.

I added another light and put them closer.
I got new pots (unfortuantly noone has measurements on their pots for 1 gallon around here so had to guess)
Moistened the new soil and carefully transplanted.

I find there are alot of contradicting resources online but once I found this site I have been trying to follow the videos and bible they sent me. Thank you all for the clarifying details, this is alot tougher than I thought.

Hopefully this new set up is better now. Now that it is transplanted I will just use the spray bottle I believe a couple times a day (dont worry ill double check the advise ahah).

Shit I transplated already based on the advise others provided. Where do I find those vitamin supplements you referred too.

‘Superthrive’ is a B vitamin but you’re already transplanted, you should be alright, keep them watered but not too wet and let us know how you do from here

When you water , think in terms of ML. not cups, and use a spray mister (Must have) back off a little bit and watch em grow, they just babies yet, yer doin fine !!

Thanks guys. I will back off them a bit. I will give an update tomorrow. Appreciate all the help.

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Hi there i am new here too but on my post they have helped me a ton here is the link go and check @Oak @Paranorman @garrigan62 replies and woud help a lot here is the link

So here is how they are loking 24 hours after

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There you go bud. Their lookin better now. Keep it up.

There are still drooping pretty bad but hopefully they are! I will continue to update this week and hope everything gets back to normal

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To much water back off the watering…OK


That means you are over watering them. I water mine with a spray bottle 1-2x ever other day or on the 3rd day. Try using a spray bottle and spread out the feedings to every other day or every two days. Let the soil dry out more before watering again.