Help! I think I killed the plants

Added vinegar to adjust the ph… I think I shocked the plant or killed it! Leaves just collapsed

hello! these plants are pretty resilient, hopefully not. how much vinegar did you add to how much water? at what stage is the plant? do you have a pic? you can upload it using the button in the lower right on mobile.


Yes let’s see the girl and assess the damage


Oh boy that looks not great at all
I’d flush it as much as you can but I don’t know if it’s going to make it


Man ph up and down are too cheap to be doing things like that ughhh

Always come here first and ask if you are not sure of what to do next …

Certain household items can work to raise and lower but I don’t trust it …

First off - welcome.

That is a sick little girl you have there….but I think it will pull through. When you used the vinegar, what was the pH of the water? How much did you water? Was your water dechlorinated? Is that soil? Was it dry before you watered? When was the last time you watered? How much? That looks like a plastic bucket. Does it drain well? Are there holes drilled in the bottom? Do you get runoff when you water?

I am more concerned with the water than the acid you used. IMO acid is acid wether lemon juice, vinegar, phosphoric, lactic….


Thanks…just posted picture… mixed 1/4 cup white vinegar in 1/2 gallon water, 250 mls… 1 cup in plant soil.

OMG that’s a lot of acid must have crashed your PH to like 3 or 4 I may try it tomorrow just to see how low it drops. Always adjust PH in small amounts to get desired results. What was your starting Ph?
My tap water runs at 7 most of the time, water co keeps it fairly stable. I never have to Ph down nutes lowers it to 5.5 most of the time. I use baking soda to raise Ph to 6.5 or 6.8 normally takes a teaspoon to achieve this.
Flush that girl out with many gallons of water and hope for the best. Make sure there are many holes in that bucket like maybe 30 5/16 holes all over and at the very bottom the more the better.
Good luck
Just looked at google they said white vinegar Ph is 2.5 wow. Flush now!!


I’d definitely flush the hell out of that…wait 15 min and repeat. Should be good at that point

I am afraid that they won’t make it. You can’t truly flush what the plant has already taken up.

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I think you over did the acid addition.

To replicate what you did, I took 8 cups of my water and then added .25 cup of white distilled vinegar :flushed:



QUARTER CUP a gallon of water doesn’t need more then 1.5 tablespoons to be at OK levels

Lol! We’re you an auctioneer? Now that’s what I call some questions!! Rolmao!!!

:joy: I was a mechanic. Troubleshooting has a lot of moving parts …plus, there is a lot of stray voltage running around in my head.