Help! I think I have Broad Mites?

Hello! First time grower here, upon doing an inspection of my plants (they’ve been stunted a few times so they’re not as far as they should be for their age, I think), I saw a small bug crawling over the outside of my pots (fabric). I’ve also been dealing with glossy/waxy leaves, canoeing leaves, and the bottom leaves turning yellow and dying. I chalked it up to nutrients, being too close to the light, or over watering. They started to look a bit better but still aren’t doing better. I’ve done some research of what kind of bugs they could be, but all I could find was Broad Mites & Russet Mites. Can anyone give me any pointers on helping diagnose my babies or how to get rid of the pests? It’s been such an amazing process this far and I can’t give up on them yet.


First and foremost, Welcome to the community! To help get an idea of your growing environment. Can you fill out a support ticket? Also, do you have any pictures of your plant and/or bugs?

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Welcome to the forum @MemeQueen420
First and foremost is verifying what the bugs are.
Can you get a close up pic of them?
If not do you have a magnifying device? A jewelry loop or something to verify what they are. In general a spider mite is a spider mite and could be dealt with pretty much the same regardless of sub species (not always but in general terms)
I will link my spider mite battle plan as I have been fighting them for about 3 weeks and hopefully am on the tail end of ending them.

Click this link

Feel free to ask any questions of me using the @ and my user name like I did with yours above. There are many here who also may be able to offer advice as well.
If they are mites you have to be on them like white on rice to get them dead and quickly


hello people first time on this page great advice from you all my question is i have found spider mite on my girls i am in week7 in floweri have been told to use pyrethrum spray will my plants go mouldy