Help I only got 3 plants from 10 seeds

I received order #2240273 Sept. 16 and started 5 seeds, only 4 germinated. By Sept 20 transferred to soil. By Sept 23 only 1 sprout! Started 5 more seeds Sept. 29. By Oct. 8, only 2 of these seeds made it out of the soil! After following the germinating guidelines, I have only 3 plants going after starting 10!! I have had other orders where all went well before but this is the first time trying autoflowers.

They all gerniatrd but 2 thats pretty good thats all they can dobis give u seeds that germinate if they die off after that its on u

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What kind of soil are you planting in? How long are you soaking the seeds? I’ve read some topics where ILGM still kind of made up for seeds not sprouting. But that many usually indicates a user error, especially if they make it to dirt.

When you put them in soil make sure you don’t over water and you should really only spritz them not pour water on them as it can make the seed move because there is no root system yet.