HELP! I’m to close to the end!

I’ve been attempting to grow some white widow autoflower from Neptune seed bank.
Medium is soil. Tent is 3x4. Dumb but I’m not sure of the lights. Using two different cheaper leds.

Decided to give foxfarm grow big a shot a few weeks back and ever since they’ve been looking worse and worse. ( looked fine before the nutes). We were showing pics at our local grow store and they said to try cal/mag supplement. We’ve been adding it at watering. We also attempted to flush soil thinking we might have blocked nutes when trying grow big.
Water ph is between 6.8-7.4. We’ve been buying ro water and adjusting ph.
Don’t have a great way to test soil ph at the moment. Oh. I believe the older girls are around week 6. The younger ones will be moved this weekend to a 4x8 with a 4000watt led.


@Covertgrower. @Nicky @GreenSnek. One of these guys might be able to poke u in a good direction. Good luck.


Have you been feeding calcium or magnesium? RO water is stripped of both of those, and need to be added.


Im definitely seeing late stage phosphorous deficiency definitely not caused by too much light from the praying so my guess Is that you gave them nutes to late plants kinda reflect their soil 2 weeks in delay but definitely do a water to runoff and give us ppm numbers


Well your PH is off and you can’t accurately PH RO water unless it’s had added nutrients or cal mag or something to help it keep its PH stable as RO water swings around.

Your PH should be 6.8 at the highest and more like 6.5.
Do you have a tds meter? If not you need one to get run off numbers like @GreenSnek stated.
Never feed a plant nutrients unless you know what’s in the medium and the onyl way you know hat is by first watering with plain ph’d water.

Why are you using RO water? What’s your tap tds?

Sounds like you swamped it with nutrients at a high PH and it went into lock out then your leafs showed you and the grow guy just sold you some cal mag because he didn’t want to invest the time to explain to you how to find out what your true issue is.

If your tap water is under 300 tds use it after it sits out for 24hr and PH it to 6.5 or you want to keep buying RO water use that but you can re flush until your plants getting a PH runoff of 6.2 and a tds anywhere from 1200 or less.
Your plants in the stage it can handle 900 to 1200 tds (of nutrients rich tds) but your PH is probably your biggest issue right now.

Sometimes runoff PH doesn’t give an accurate reading so a soil slurry test is needed. So that would be my first suggestion. Google how to do a soil slurry test and do that.
What’s the PH? Because my money is that it’s out of wack and your in lock out along with your nutrient ratio is probably wrong/over fed or now under fed due to flush.


What@Nicky said.

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We’re Using RO water with calmag due to having softened water come from tap. And I was a bit off on the ph. we’ve been shooting for 6 to 6.4.

We Don’t have a tds meter yet. But ones due in the mail tomorrow

Attempting a soil slurry test tonight and I’ll post the results.

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Ok. So I finally got my TDS meter and the results of the soil slurry are

From what I’ve read those results are actually decent aren’t they?
Two of the girls are damn near done. I’m waiting for the tricomes to get a bit cloudier.
But the tall girl isn’t anywhere close so I wanna help her if I can but I’m unsure of the road to take. Any suggestions?? And here are some pics of some of the buds on the two that are just about done.

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were going to pull two of them tomorrow to put in darkness for a couple days before they get cut.
Crossing my fingers for the tall girl. But the two little ones look frickin awesome.

Your last bud picture showed a flower with pistils that were not yet mature that plant is not ready.
Remeber to take pictures in normal lighting not under your burples, best to turn them off and use flash in the dark.

Your ppm is 230… Read the manual that came with that tds meter as I’m not familiar with viviosuns, does it have a x10 or some sort of marking I’m wondering if the soils reading 230ppm or 2300ppm as you said it was new fox farms soil? If you have been in the soil for a couple weeks it’s possible it is 230ppm and that means your plants are starving basically.
Then again your PH has been iut of wack so you have locked your plants out from being able to absorb the nutrients they need.

When I said do a soil slurry test I should clarified PH wise.
Run off ppm is ideal to read while PH in soil should be done with a soil slurry sample.

When you do put your plants in darkness shoot for 78hr. Then chop.

Also you said you had a 3000w led or something be sure you look the light up and go by how many true watts it is, so what’s it rated for often its on a sticker on the light or you can see it in the details on Amazon.
It’s probably closer to a 300w light.