Help I just switched to flower time 5/25 and are these males now?

So I just switched all my girls to flower on 5/25 I noticed one of my black widows is looking a little different than the other ones and almost looks like seeds ? A male perhaps but I was careful and none of them started male and I hope this one isn’t cux I got 7more girls around it doin ok so far​:crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:but I’m not exactly sure so I figured I’d ask to be sure help me please. Are these seeds or they bud sites?

It literally happened like overnight I check on them everyday and didn’t notice this stuff till this morning​:flushed::grimacing: and aren’t IlGM seeds guaranteed feminized? I shouldn’t be worrying bout this,this late in my grow :flushed:

Are these feminized seeds?

Looks like it’s a boy.

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5/25? Flower should be 12/12 even light and dark hours. @Amanda87

Yes they are from ILGM

I ment I went to flower on 5/25/20 for 12/12 lighting

Ah, that makes sense. I agree look like a male.

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Hmmmmm, they dont appear to have hermed, they look straight up male.


If I take it out now is it going to screw up the other seven I got in there that are in flower right now? Well it wasn’t male this whole time and now it is??? Are my other girls screwed now??:cold_sweat:

Where are the pistoles? They are fem seeds from ilgm? Could there be a light leak in your room/tent?

What u mean light leak?

I would remove it immediately from your other plants. Be gentle try not to cause any pollen “ if there is any” to drop. Definitely looks male.

A light leak can make the plants herme, or turn make and female. I think @Drinkslingeris correct though, I don’t see pistols, and do look pretty manly.

As I mentioned. They don’t appear to have been stressed and hermed, they look flat out male. AFAIK ilgm doesn’t even carry regular black widow seeds.

No. Taking it out ASAP is going to keep from screwing up your other girls.
Do you have pics of other plants?


Thank you K I did remove it just now but I swear I’m with them everyday and those little balls like grew over night it seems​:scream:I really hope my 3skywalker ogs,1 Bruce banner,1 chemdog #4 and 2 more black widows. I didn’t know they could turn male this late in the stage. I’m almost 2weeks into flower!! :pray::pray::pray::pray::pray:my other girls r ok

How do I prevent light leak?

As @Drinkslinger stated, these look just make, so probably not a light leak. Even so, you should check your room/tent for any light at all, as this can mess your plants up.

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Do you have pinholes in your tent that you can see light through? Are all the flaps closed? How about around the zippers?
Sometimes an led, glowing power strip, or piece of equipment in the tent has a light source.

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Because it is a boy.

As you can see my male looked like and over night he got crazy.

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