Help I just made a huge mistake

I dosed wrong on cal mag in soil in flowering autos!
I flushed them 30 minutes after I made the mistake …. Is it too late for them😔

By how much?

You’re more than likely OK. If you flushed the plant, make sure you refeed her.

15 ml per gallon and I water with 2 gallons

They are too wet I will have to wait a while

They’ve been doing great I’m so mad at myself

They aren’t going to get any wetter if you feed them right now. Your plants need the food now, not when they dry out.

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Will that dose of Cal mag likely kill them.

I don’t believe so. If you did a proper flush as quick as you did, I believe you will be OK. If you are unsure, flush them again, but be sure to feed them right after.

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They are in 3 gallon pots and I flushed them with a gallon of water each is that even enough

If you’re trying to remove something, I don’t believe you can use too much water. If I were flushing a 3 gallon pot, I’d push at least 3 gallons of water through it making sure to saturate the pot. I’d do it twice because I’m really trying to remove whatever it is. Then I would feed as normal and hope I did enough.


Is 3x normal strength, why freak out and go flush crazy? :sob:
Cal/Mag is not super harsh on the plants like other nutes can be.
If you PH’ed the water before you fed them, I think you’d be fine.
I would have just used plain water for the next couple of feedings! :+1: :sunglasses:


It looks like something at this point is going on