HELP! I HAVE MITES please make them go

I have a little greenhouse and am thinking whether to buy a bigger one or extend this one ala bamboo and plastic. I like greenhouses a lot. They are very peaceful, like they are cut off from the rest of the world. Glad my neighbors can’t see me sitting in a tiny greenhouse. Lol

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I’d definitely like to build my own greenhouse next year! I’d love a place I could go in the winter and still have plants growing. I mean yea I can grow them inside like always, but I’d love an outdoor greenhouse setup.


Hell yeah!!! I would love to have a green house set up only worry is cops flying overhead…or can you use a foggy plastic and still have the sun as intense…

So sorry to hear that. Bugs love cannabis as much as we do. Sounds like you are on top of things. Gognats is in my routine. Kills almost everything except for soil larva

I will be doing that next time. Well right now they are winning the fight but I will win the war dang it. I said screw it and took all infected leaves off plus all the sections that were restricting air flow, it looks like sticks now with little greenage popping out then soaked everything in spray and put some bug cover on the soil hope this is the end? I will continue to fight even if I don’t see them wish me luck.

What about grasshoppers? Friend or foe? Only knowledge I have on them is from cartoons.

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Only had an incounter with grasshoppers and there was alot of them around cause it was in the woods by a field but they ended up chewing through the stock right below the buds and made them fall over and die. So a couple not bad but lots could be bad

A few days ago I also had to face similar issue of spider mites at home and in the garden, damaging all the Plants. Spider mites are most common in hot, dry conditions, especially at natural places. Neem Oil works in a similar way to SM-90, though Neem oil doesn’t smell as nice and will leave an unpleasant smell on buds when used to treat flowering plants. Instead This I would like to suggest to contact Professional Spider exterminator like, Bug, Rodent Exterminator Sacramento , CA, Florida or other places You may live.


Hello Orkin? I have an infestation in my pot patch, could you please come give me an estimate? Please don’t tell the cops. Thank you.


Bahahahahaha well since I live in Oregon so it shouldn’t be a huge deal lol but still very awkward call to make. Anyways they took one plant out it was the smallest and now have them some what contained.

Well I’m winning the war on those bastards. Here’s a little update on my


Holy crap! It’s huge

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Nice! That’s what growing in the ground can get you!:raised_hands:

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Thats what she said!


Amazing it’s still straight up after all this time.

:scream: SHE SAID THAT TOO!!!

OK everyone, @Jheezy has us all on spy cams!

:joy: Yeah, I couldn’t resist.


I wish you luck. They are worse than squirrels in the attic.


I’ve been reading cinnamon is good for getting rid of ants,gnats,mold,mildew think I’ll put some in a spray bottle and give it a try to see if it affects plants. Don’t have many bugs though.

I might just spray the ground with that mix not sure how cinnamon buds would taste lol. And thank you I did get lucky with my size… Wink…

Hello, Mites can be hell to get rid of. I use Neem oil get a spray bottle or pump sprayer and spray entire plant very good. Mites lay there eggs on the underside of fan leaves spray very,very well repeat every 7-14 days until there gone good luck