HELP! I HAVE MITES please make them go

Help I have spider mites what do I do and what’s the best way to get rid of them in a hurry

I use Mighty Wash, Spinosad, Neem oil…
Hit them hard all at once. Dont halfass it, as those little !@#$ers will keep coming back.

Keep hitting them on a rotation every 2-4 days until gone, and then just for good measure, hit them for a couple more weeks.

One treatment will NOT kill them, as the eggs hatch every two days. They put rabbits to shame.


Awesome thanks I am in the middle of doing a heavy coating now useing a
little spray bottle and soaking every branch one by one. THEY MUST DIE!

I’m trying a drip of Castile soap mixed in a jug of water to get rid of pests outside. We’ll see how that goes


They are little buggers
It only takes 1 female and your screwed so plan how you are going to do it and do it properly no short cuts.
If you have one female and one male you can have thousands in a week or 2
If you have one female she can still lay eggs and you will still have thousands but they will be all female
Little clones of her.
We make the perfect condition for them to breed and grow in veg and bud.
I had them once in a commercial green house and I ended up having to pull the plants drop the temps to 0 for a week and spray. Since then I spray three times as a preventative and have never got them back. Yet!
Some else runs it now so I bet they get them back. hehehe
The person in charge before me has this green house built and he had road base stones as flooring giving them a place to hide.

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hey @ryry listen to Dumme …and i would add only one thing …hit them 3-4 times on his schedual [quote=“Dumme, post:2, topic:6694”]
Keep hitting them on a rotation every 2-4 days until gone, and then just for good measure, hit them for a couple more weeks.

also kill them not wound them ..thei  VERY adaptable to toxins ...  hit them with 2-3 types  3-4  times every 3-4 days .. it their life cycle ....spray room .All of it .. and entrance .and   intake's and exhaust . with spray ...  Hammer..
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one more thing ," DE, FOOD GRADE" will F____ k them up fast …but it only kills pupae and adults but not eggs …safer soap Smothers the egg … But DE is rapid knock down .Hammer

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Thanks I’m spraying every day for a week then I’ll start every other day there’s just so many :sob:

Plants looking good. Not damaged so might have a winner. Didn’t have an infestation - just some leaf munchers. Ants etc I was letting them have a taste but you know ants give them an inch and they take a foot. Leaves shiny and now lavender smelling. Looks good so far.

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If ants are there they may be protecting affids that are eating your plant
cause the ants eat the poo from them and if you have ladybugs also present
then you for sure have affids somewhere.


I’ve seen a couple lady bugs. Any idea what the bugs are where eggs look like a big loogie all spittle?

Cercopidae spittlebug or froghopper

Ladybugs are goodguys


Is it on the plant? You got a pic? If it’s what I’m thinking of than maybe
it’s a “spit bug” as I’ve always called them. It’s a bug not an egg you
just get in the middle of the spit and smash what you find inside.

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It was yesterday. Then I sprayed last night and now gone. Spittle gone

Nice job! Wish my pests die soon the little bastards already took out one of my star gazer lilly plants :rage:

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@Aquaponic_Dumme the first pict looks gross lol . and the second should be accompanied by a warning ,I Fell out of my chair laughing … …DUDE i snipping this on to save ,seariously funny … Hammer

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I might have to see if they sell ladybugs cheap anywhere. Like I can’t just google that. Thought I’d tell y’all first of my devious plan.

Keep in mind when buying ladybugs, theyre generally in the pupa or adult stage of their life cycle.
Most of the eating of other bugs is while in the larva stage. People get different results using them, and most will end up flying into your lights, and dying.


Probably use them in a little greenhouse outside. Hopefully a man ladybug will find a lady lady bug and keep them going.
Edit. Quick googling buying them maybe not a good idea. Said they’d probably fly off or have a parasite as most are wild caught except for a few nurseries. Green lacewing was mentioned as better eater than lady bugs. Article a few years old barring any advancements in lady bug selling.

I bought 300 right on Amazon. They were sent right to my door lol, alive and flying! I have a sealed grow area so I wasn’t worried about them getting out or even them flying into my,lights because my lights are completely sealed off as well.

For me, they did an amazing job! After a month they were all dead, and so were all the gnats. Little bit of a clean up and I was back up and running with no more bugs. Plus, I think they were very good to the plants by giving off good vibes. As dumb and crazy as I sound, it was very peaceful sitting in the tent and hearing one take off and watch a leaf flicker from the ladybug landing on it. I appreciate the little things like that haha :v: