help!I don't know what happened and who can help me

I don’t know what happened and who can help me.

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welcome to the community my first thoughts is to get a runoff an check pH to see where you’re at. And make adjustments if needed to get back on track.

Thank you. I just measured the pH around 7. Do I need to lower it?

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I would water in at about 6 to try to get it down to 6.5 and it might take a couple times to get it down. What size pots are you using.

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5 gallon flowerpot

What is your temperature at the top of the plants? It sure looks like heat stress to me.


O.k. if you have 7ph coming out of the bottom of your pot flush it with a flushing agent like sledgehammer or get sulfur and add to the water to flush mix a 5gal bucket of water to and flush i use a 4cup measuring cup and scoop and poor and go till you get your runoff between 6.3 to 6.7
What lights are you using and how close are they to the plant?