Help! I don’t want to start off on a bad foot

When that bible says 1000w it means cmh/hps. Which are great but produce much more heat and current quantum board LEDs have much better spectrum and spread. Always go by actual from the wall wattage. Not an equivalency statement like the 1000w blurples. If it doesn’t say “actual draw” anywhere in the lights ad. You can be sure they are trying to pull a fast one. For flowering with cheaper/older LEDs aim for 50 actual watts per SQ foot. With quantum’s ~35-40 is all you need. I run 240 in both my 3x3 and 2x4. The 2x4 isn’t quantum and isn’t nearly as bright. But at the same time blows my 1000w blurple away.

If heats not a concern though hid (cmh/hps) fixtures are much cheaper. But over time are more expensive from running costs and replacing bulbs.

I have issues with once they germinate to get them to veggie status. The other ones growing at my property now has same as my auto flowers are doing. I got frustrated with my first ones that I just planted on the fabric pots and hoped for the best which they got stunned a little bit once the recouped they took off and are doing really well. I might just do the same thing with my auto flowers since they seem to be growing very slow like the other ones did. I really wanted to wait till the hit the vegatative stage but not having any luck with that. I suck at growing anything inside my house. I have killed every house plant that I have bought or giving to me but I am awesome at growing a garden and flower beds. I tend to them every day and even talk to my plants. But trying to make something stay alive in my house is a death sentence for any plants. I still plan on getting me a grow tent and try to do better late winter with my photo period gorilla glue seeds. I feel I will eventually get it right. I can not grow to harvest because I live in a small town where houses are close together and have a sherif that lives behind me so I can’t risk growing at my house due to the smell they produce during flowering stage. My plants at my property are already smelly and they don’t have any flowers on them. So the option to grow from germination to harvest at my house will be impossible. Sure I can start them at home but they have to be moved not long after vegetation starts

Good charcoal filters can scrub the scent but I’d also be apprehensive with the sheriff so close. I only have a problem with smell when drying, because the area I previously used was blocked off from where the air would circulate through the filter. I run a business on the same property i grow and I’ve never had anyone say anything. Brother a couple times while drying but that was it. He can’t stand the odor, is here daily. Definitely notices it long before me, luckily the ac infinity filter has worked great for going on 1.5 grows. The first kit filter I used failed quickly, already had the replacement on hand luckily. After learning here that kits are not what they seem.

I’m actually filtering double recommended with a 4", still no smell outside the tents.

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I would love to grow inside for sure but it is not legal here yet but I think we will be soon. So until then I can not risk it in my home. I watch hippy geeks on utube and they rave about spider farmer and so do many others so when I do buy this winter I will buy from spider farmer and will ask mass questions before I do to make sure I get the right thing for what I want to do which is get seeds from germination to vegetative then transplant but want to do that with 10 seeds at a time so I need big enough tent cuz I have the space and the right amount of light to support 10 seeds.

Spider farmer is now making their own fan and improved their tent. But their kit is what I had to replace parts of that lasted less than 1 grow. This forum is definitely partial to HLG. And for good reason. Numbers don’t lie, and the HLG here I built for $40 less than the spider farmer equivalent.


I have decided to just take my chances and grow my 3 week old LSD auto flower outside. Wish me luck.


Just be careful not to overwater…they look good and good luck! If I can do it you can do it!


Nice tree

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I eish you guys would just put the Amazon link instead of a screenshot. Thanks for helping. :slight_smile: We love links to Amazon, it helps pay the bills.

I will try and find the link and tag it for iLGM. Peace


I can totally do that, do I need to do anything special or just link to it?

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The only time you would have any lights as close as 4", even down to 2" would be if using a T5 lamp.

lED is used higher for seedlings and definitely never within 4".

HID sgould be anywhere from 18"-36" depending on wattage of MH CMH or HPS lamp.

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Just go above and see what I have been doing the past hour. If you place a link form Amazon, I add a code to the end and it appears. Once you have a look, I am going to delete rhe extra couple of replies.

thanks :slight_smile:

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welcome to the club of miracle grow users. lmao. you will soon get told a thousand times to ditch the miracle grow.


:slight_smile: try not to stress mate , way to early in your grow to be freaking out , months to go yet before growers neck should flare up.

I didn’t use miracle grow I went with happy frog. I didn’t mean to post my now 7 week old photo period lady’s pictures to the first post I made. I was just trying to update their progress. No clue why they are flowering right now and not sure if I should be excited like I am that they are because it’s only beginning of august and they should not be ready to harvest till October sometime. This is my first grow ever and first time ever seeing marijuana grow. I have not done anything to them other then give them nutrients I got from iltgm site.


Autos flower regardless of daylight hours. Sure they don’t have the rudi gene? Regardless. There are growers here who start photos out on a 12/12 day one. With great results. So no reason to worry. Should definitely be excited.

The ones I am referring to in the pictures are not auto flowers. I have auto flowers growing but they are about 1’ tall rn and at my house.

Photos can initiate flower with as little as 9 hours of dark. Currently at 9hr 40min here. So if not in full sun she would be flowering now. Can’t wait till the humidity stops 90s every night tho.