Help I.D. Insect please

Could I get some help identify this little guy.
Really tiny but I got a pic through my loupe.
I appreciate any input I can get.

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100 percent soybean thrip

Google it

Amd get some captain jacks

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I was hoping you would see this. I was just about to tag you in it. Lol
Thanks as always!

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Tag me anytime you want …
If I don’t know …I will tell you that …

I’m new at all of it but have spent hours and hours researching these pests

That one is definitely a soybean thrip because of the lateral bands on its body
Other thrips have the same bands but lengthwise

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I can also tell you that one is closer to being an adult so it’s probably looking to lay eggs somewhere …they like to bore a hole in new stem material amd deposit thier eggs …most likely impossible to see where unless you watched and had some way of marking it

If you happen to see it sticking it’s ass in the air on a stem try and stop it

They also can be combatted with water but I’d rather trust captain jacks to thrips

Not the easiest insect pest to get rid of

Finally budding and now this. It doesn’t seem to have slowed down growth at all though and the Ace Hardware down the street has the Capt Jacks in stock.
Should I clean the entire tent?

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I would spray that plant top and underside of all leaves and stems
It is also said it’s safe on buds …but maybe wait for others that have used it in flower as I never have …

Also take care of when you do it
Me personally I’d rather do it late afternoon when the sun is setting and leave it on all night

You also may need to repeat that process more than once and I think 3 or 5 days apart …

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It’s in a grow tent so I’ll do it just before lights out. Thanks

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My bad …sorry …but yes same idea

Do you want have one of these ??

Me personally I’d put the dead bug in there because you can spray a fine continuing mist …

It will help ypu not waste the product
I think ypu can even dilute a little if you want but I’ve heard others say don’t …

Ypu don’t seem to have a huge infestation otherwise your leaves would be riddled with little white spots …almost like a leaf miner but smaller and mostly not connected

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Leaves not too bad but there are some.
I had just cut that leaf off because of the marks on it.
I need to cut some growth off anyway so I’ll take the leaves with marks first

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I think you are gonna be fine and caught it early before it can even become something

Those plants are healthy and it’s much harder for these pests to really hurt ypu at this point

So annoying how they get into an indoor grow …

Your leaves look really good …I’d hit it with the jacks and just keep your eyes open …

My wife thinks I should get therapy
Before I even go urinate every morning I’m outside thoroughly looking under every leaf

This morning I found an enormous orb weaver

Thought it was one of those Chicada bugs molted it’s shell

It was on the underside of a leaf

She thinks I’m crazy now …but when she realizes how much herb we are gonna have she won’t think so …lol

Normally I’d let it hang …but I know there’s lacewing larve newly hatched on the plant and that spider would probably love a snack

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A lot of $ to be saved and NO pesticides.

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So another funny thing
On my male plant I personally dealt with this soybean thrip …what a pain in the ass …had the minute pirate bug not showed up …I’m not sure of the outcome
But I had many

In your case that’s the only one you’ve seen and luckily you are indoors …it probably somehow got in when you opened the tent …

They can really only do substantial harm in great numbers …so I think you will be fine
Now the reason people fear aphids so much is because of their ability to reproduce so quickly and a huge number of them is required also to cause any damage …
Be it the funny thing is aphids are a breeze to get rid of where a thrip is not …they don’t generally congregate …you only see many when they have established your plant as a host and in which case you’d see lots of larve

Aphids really can’t move …they can crawl but it’s usually to take one step forward to shit out another kid or 3…

Thrips crawl and some fly and they infect multiple parts of the plant aphids just stay in place

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I started the plant outside for the first 6 weeks so I probably brought it in.

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How long ago?

Did you bring it in?

3 or 4 weeks ago

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Oh ok …you’d have seen them much sooner
Usually the time you notice leaf damage it’s already from the larve …
You may have let it in more recent than that
I mean it takes a week tops probably for eggs to hatch

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Lol …some of these pests also depend on the temp …so you know it may be possible it came in then too …like the cooler less humid the harder for them to thrive so hatching could be prolonged so many variables to so many things with insects it’s truly overwhelming to try and wrap my head around it all sometimes hahah

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