Help I can't figure this out

So here it goes ,. It has been going pretty well for my first time up until the past week.

I started with one of those cheapo led blurple light only at about 150 actual watts. I just installed a Mars hydro tsl 2000 at actual wattage of 300.

Before my TDS was dropping slowly as time progressed then I changed my light. Within a day or so all of the leaves were wilting and all these spots and nutes defs started showing up. She started drinking almost double the amount of water in the matter of a day. So I feel I got he caught up on the water but she just isn’t recovering as quickly as bedore. The leaves are twisting and feel like paper. Yellow and brown spots are appearing and I am getting some 2 toned leaves.

I have the flora series 3 part nutes. I tried giving her just a little to start and have noticed things getting worse about the same time she was short on water. So I flushed with just straight pH water. I believe salts are cleared and her color is ok but the leaves just aren’t looking good. I am trying to figure out any course of action. If anyone can help me out it would be appreciated. I do have a grow journal on here as well.

Tent: 4ft l 2ft w and 5ft t
Light: Mars hydro tsl2000
Pot:7gal terracotta with ffhf. 1 month in this pot/soil
Temps: 77 F day time and 68-69F night time
RH: 50-60 percent
TDS: 197 after flush
Strain: ILGM Chocolope.

This is my first grow and she is just over 60 days in veg. She is def ready to flower but I don’t want to switch a sick plant someone please help.


Ppm should be closer to 550ppm or more at that age. It definitely needs more nutes. Cal mag also

Oh snap it says soil.

Wait for soil pros, but I’m sure your low on nutrients as it shows deficiency


Wow 197 is that right? The lowest mine went down is 400 so I had to hit it with a 1000 shot of nutes. You probably had salt build up which cause a lockout, now you got to regulate your nutes back up I would give them at least a half dose not sure about the trios numbers on that I use fox farms and a full dose is around 1200. If your really that low you might need a full dose.

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@BetrayedSoul @SKORPION

Thanks for getting back to me I really appreciate it. So I dosed her this a.m. my runoff TDS is now at 490. My nute mix going in was at 390 waters to 20 percent runoff. Went high on nitrogen and the micros i.e. calcium boron zinc etc. It was only a 1/2 dose I will keep an eye on any improvement. So how often should I feed so I can avoid salts building up? Its my first time and I know nutes can be super helpful or could go the other way. Thanks for all your help and as always anybody wants to chime in it will be appreciated. PH is still at 5.8

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I feed every other dose so that when I don’t the plain water can rinse the salt. Need up bump the ph up a little bit.

@SKORPION @BetrayedSoul

Just and update got it all figured out. She was super rootbound Wich is what caused the defs.

Transplanted into 36 gal container and now 4 weeks into flower starting 5. Thanks for the help


Looking thick in that forest. Bondage work looks good too.

Thanks man I appreciate it. Ya its only one plant about 5 foot wide and about the same height. Got a little more work to do just a little at a time lol. I really appreciate your feed back. More pics and info in my journal. Thanks again @SKORPION

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